Rococo Repoussé: Student Work Display, ART 313

Feb. 5 - Feb. 28, 2024

The students of ART 313 “Art Across Time: 17th century-Present” investigated the complex nuances associated with the Rococo movement.

Examining French aristocracy, the influence of 18th century Chinese design, and exploring the delicate intricacies of passion, students dove into the labyrinth of iconography that is “Rococo.” While conducting scholarly research on specific works of art, students recreated aspects of their selected research topic through the age-old metal-manipulation technique “repoussé.” Employing an assortment of mark making techniques, students artfully shaped a flat piece of metal into a specified Rococo scene.

When visiting the JFK Library’s Secrist Gallery, visitors may view repoussé designs depicting imagery iconic of the Rococo art period.

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