The Power of Naming

Pat Spanjer

Image of the reading nook at JFK
The reading nook created by Hal Sautter and P.E.O. Chapter AJ, located on JFK’s upper floor.

In September 2022, Hal Sautter, ’69 BA education, and P.E.O. Chapter AJ fulfilled their dream of creating a cozy reading nook on JFK’s upper floor.  They provided two comfy rocking chairs and other furnishings, thoughtfully placed in a quiet corner with an amazing campus view, where students feel at home and welcome to read or study with a friend. Hal and P.E.O. created this special space in memory of Hal’s wife, Malinda Sautter, ’88 BA general studies, and her father, former EWSC president, Dr. Emerson Shuck. Their photos, along with a memorial plaque, look over the space they would have enjoyed using.

Imagine your name or a name in memory of a loved one on a space in the bustling JFK Library on the EWU Cheney campus.

Principal and major philanthropic gifts transform the educational experience for our EWU students by funding programs, building renovations, equipment upgrades, and repurposing existing spaces for modern needs.

Naming opportunities abound within JFK Library. You could support the new diversity, equity and inclusion material display in your name. More naming examples on the main level include the lobby, Learning Commons, study rooms, Assistive Technology Study Room and Collections.

On the lower level, the Curriculum Center, Equipment Checkout Services, Computer Collaboration Center, more study rooms, instruction rooms and the Nursing Mothers Room, and Collections can be named.

Upstairs, consider naming a study room, collection bookshelves and more.

For information about how you can name an EWU Libraries space or program, contact Pat Spanjer, 509.359.4557 or


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