EWU Libraries Services Shifting from WSU’s Health Sciences Library

(Formerly Spokane Academic Library)

EWU Libraries no longer has a presence at WSU’s Health Sciences Library (formerly known as the Spokane Academic Library.)

What does this mean for EWU students, staff, and faculty? You may: 

  • Continue to use Health Sciences Library public spaces, computers and resources during staffed library hours using the same opportunities WSU affords to community members.
  • Continue to use the computer terminals in the Health Sciences Library to access most of WSU’s online resources, as well as EWU online resources using your SSO, just as you do from other off-campus locations.
  • Ask WSU library staff about Summit Visiting Patron status, which allows access to WSU materials and requesting privileges from other libraries.
  • Learn more about available services at the Health Sciences Library online: https://spokane.wsu.edu/library/faq/

EWU library services for EWU Spokane

Get help with research, resource, and library service questions by using our Ask a Librarian Services: 

Interlibrary Loan Services: If you are an EWU student, staff, or faculty member based in Spokane only, and have questions about Interlibrary Loan services, please contact EWU Interlibrary Loan Office

ewuill@ewu.edu | 509.359.2492.

Extended Summit Services: Read more on our online guide.

509.359.2819  | summit@ewu.edu | research.ewu.edu/Summit-Services


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