Library Student Worker Spotlight

Whitney Longie, Archives and Special Collections (ASPC)

February 6, 2023
Image of Whitney Longie

Whitney, originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota, is majoring in Sociology, with an anticipated completion date in spring 2023.

Whitney works in EWU Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections (ASPC), her number one choice when applying for a job at the library. She performs “all sorts of things” from sorting and filing collections, scanning photos and documents, and digitizing cassettes and tapes.

While she likes the calm and quiet found in the library, her favorite thing about working in ASPC is “the opportunity to see so much from Eastern’s history.” Her least favorite aspect of the work is the heavy boxes of materials that accompany her duties.

Like many of her peers, Whitney juggles the demands of schoolwork with the demands of work. “I’m grateful to only work a handful of hours a week, and even still, I find times where I wish I had more time for homework,” she says. Whitney appreciates the flexibility that her supervisor, University Archivist Steven Bingo, demonstrates in scheduling her work hours.

Whitney’s proudest moment as an EWU student to date was presenting her research, entitled “The South Dakota ‘Fairness in Women’s Sports’ Bill and Its Impact on Transgender Youth,” at the EWU 2022 Symposium.

When you next see Whitney in ASPC on JFK’s lower level, stop and say hello!

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