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In his composition textbook, Jonathan Middleton, professor of theory and composition, explains how developing a creative process is essential for composers. One aspect of his own process is composing music from nature and numbers–things that surround us and bring joy and meaning to Dr. Middleton’s artistic expression. His user-friendly algorithmic techniques for transforming number sequences, DNA, and Protein structures into melodies can open a student’s perspective to creativity and help draw correlations between the arts and sciences.


This work can serve creative purposes as found in his compositions Redwood Symphony and Hollow, and analytical purposes as found in his work with data sonification for companies and scientists. The instructional session, in two parts, offers the kind of hands-on experiences that you, too, can expect to encounter at Eastern.

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Matthew Tucknies, EWU Music Technology student

Matthew Tucknies is a junior at EWU studying Music Technology with faculty like Dr. Middleton. This song, titled “Nostalgia” was written and performed by Matthew for the composition program. The project was based around movement, and the piece utilizes electric guitar, electric bass and drum set to propel the song forward.

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The EWU Music Program will award $150,000 in scholarships this year to help make the dream of becoming a professional musician a reality for students across our region.