Campus Safety

Safety First

Here at EWU, we pride ourselves on keeping the safety and well-being of our students as the number one priority. Safety is a community effort so it is important we work closely with the campus police, parents and faculty to create the best campus environment we can provide. We have our own police team on campus that are friendly and approachable. We encourage students and families to sign up for campus alert texts to stay informed.

Clery Reports Safety Resources

Annual Security and Fire Safety (Clery) Reports

The “Clery” report provides a transparent overview of crime statistics for the prior three years, protocols for warning the campus community of an emergency or threat rights and options for reporting crimes. Included are details of prevention education and awareness programs and policy information on building safety, emergency drills, and how to report a crime.

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Safety Resources



An app that ensures the safety and wellbeing of students on the EWU campus via tracking and alert systems.

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Campus Emergency<br>Management Plan (CEMP)

Campus Emergency
Management Plan (CEMP)

In the event of a campus emergency the CEMP is a framework for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities.

Emergency Information



Students and families can sign up for EWU Alerts. Get notified by text in the event of an emergency or safety situation like incremental weather.

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Crisis Response Training

As part of its annual crisis response training, EWU Police conduct an active shooter exercise.

Additionally, as part of a quarterly campus training, EWU Police Chief Jay Day trains faculty and staff about active attacker response, spotting troubling behavior, and best practices for responding during an incident.

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Safety is a community effort so it is important that we all do our part, the best prevention is to eliminate opportunities and report any suspicious activity.

Information Security

The Office of Information Security’s mission is to protect EWU’s computer networks and the information that flows over it. They provide a wide variety of services to the EWU community that help minimize the occurrence and risk of security incidents.

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Title IX / Sexual Misconduct

EWU is dedicated to providing a campus community free from discrimination, sexual misconduct and harassment of any kind. Please reach out to our office to report any concerns, or if you have any questions on Title IX itself.

Title IX Resources

Sex Offender Disclosure

An informed public is a safer public. Notification is not intended to increase fear. Sex/kidnap offenders have always lived in our communities. Unless restricted by a court order, sex/kidnap offenders are constitutionally permitted to live wherever they choose.

Disclosure Information 


Safety is a community effort, the best prevention is to eliminate opportunities and report any suspicious activity.

1. Keep your residence doors, including dorm rooms, locked at all times.

2. Limit or restrict access to your living area.

3. Lock up wallets, purses, jewelry, cameras, and other valuables.

4. Report suspicious persons or activities when you see them.

5. Report safety hazards, unsafe lighting, and defective equipment.

6. Avoid walking alone at night. Let people know where you are going.

7. Plan your walk by choosing a safe and populated route.

8. Be aware of your surroundings.

9. Never leave your beverage unattended.

10. Don’t go somewhere alone with someone you just met.