African American

Your ethnicity, your identity, your background and values. They shape who you are and, more importantly, where you’re going. Let EWU help you get there.


The African diaspora has a home at Eastern. In fact, among Washington state universities, EWU has one of the higher percentages of African American students in its freshman student body.

The Africana education program serves as the main point of contact for African American students looking to build community at EWU.

On Campus

EWU’s Africana education program hosts events all year long. Plan your campus visit during Black History Month and join us for lectures and special events celebrating important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

  • Join the Black Student Union Facebook page. BSU volunteers in the community and hosts cultural showcases, hair shows, dance parties and more.
  • Contact the students, faculty and advisors with inside knowledge about life as African American student on campus.
  • Connect with EWU’s student government, ASEWU. EWU’s former student body president, Dahir “DJ” Jigre, founded the Afro Caribbean Association.
  • Learn about scholarships that are only available through the Africana Education Program.
  • Explore EWU’s five African American sororities and fraternities.