Student Scholarships


Every year EWU awards approximately $5.5 million in scholarships. Add that to approximately $140 million in financial aid, and a degree from EWU is definitely within your financial reach.

You have two ways to earn an EWU scholarship:

  1. Apply for admission by the priority deadline for the the fall quarter. Apply at least 48 hours before the admissions deadline!
  2. Complete the annual scholarship application.

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Scholarship Application AvailableNov. 1
Best Time to Submit Admissions ApplicationJan. 15
Scholarship Application DeadlineFeb. 1
Review BeginsLate Feb.
Recipients are notifiedMid April

Who Should Complete the Scholarship Application?

You should!

If you meet the minimum GPA requirement (usually 2.80) and have submitted an admissions application to EWU or are enrolled in a degree-seeking program, you may be considered for an award. This includes undergraduate, post baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral students.

Scholarship Application Materials

  • Biology Majors ONLY: When you complete the scholarship application, submit recommendations from at least two faculty members. Ensure you give your recommenders ample time to complete this requirement before the due date.
  • Biology Majors ONLY: When you complete the scholarship application, submit an essay detailing your experience with scientific research, teaching, lab experience, clubs and organizations, and your career goals in the field.
  • Business Majors ONLY: When you complete the scholarship application, submit a current resume and cover letter.
  • Communication Disorders Majors ONLY: When you complete the scholarship application, submit two essays. One essay (as applicable) should explain your interest in working in public schools or with persons with disabilities. The second essay should explain the experiences which influenced your decision to pursue a master’s degree.
  • If you miss a deadline, even by just one day, your application may not be considered. Make a schedule and stick to it.
  • Gather application materials. Give yourself enough time to complete each step. Applications completed in a rush look sloppy. Incomplete applications may not be accepted.
  • Don’t ignore small scholarships. They can add up. Large scholarships are very competitive.
  • Request letters of recommendation early: at least two weeks in advance. Choose people who can speak to your strengths and ability to overcome your weaknesses (letters from family members are generally a no-no).
  • Write a great essay. Use the questions to tell the selection committee why you should get the award. Get help with spelling and punctuation, but do your own writing.

Current students can work with the EWU Writers’ Center on scholarship essays.

  • Write about recognition and awards you’ve received. Emphasize activities that show your talent/passions, especially your ability to lead, take initiative, persist through adversity and care for your community. Don’t underestimate yourself –  employment and family responsibilities can say a lot about you.
  • Keep trying even if you don’t get a scholarship right away. Save copies of every application you complete so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

Ask about scholarship opportunities any place you have a connection: clubs, societies, fraternal organizations, your place of worship, your employers/your parents’ employers and businesses. Review and search the options on the Scholarship Information Websites page.

Notify EWU

If you receive a private scholarship, you need to report it to EWU’s  Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

102 Sutton Hall
Cheney, WA 99004

When and where are private scholarship funds sent?

Ask your donor to send your private scholarship funds to EWU at least one month before the term starts. You want to make sure your funds are available on the first day of classes.

Private scholarship checks may be mailed to the EWU Financial Aid & Scholarships. Be sure your donor includes your name and EWU ID number or date of birth on the check.

102 Sutton Hall
Cheney, WA 99004

How do I get the funds?

Your private scholarship awards will be evenly split over the school year, giving you one-third of the funds each term. If you meet all requirements, your funds are applied to your student account the week before classes start. Any funds left after your EWU bills are paid will be released to you (by direct deposit or mailed out by check) on the first day of the term.

Tuition waivers and discount tuition charges are available to undergraduate and graduate students, non-resident students and others.

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Submit the following items to complete your scholarship application.

  1. Transcripts
    1. A high school transcript if you are a freshmen or if you are a transfer students with fewer than 40 college credits.
      • Note: You must submit these transcripts in addition to the transcripts you sent to EWU Admissions as part of your admissions application
    2. Any EWU transcripts (even if you’re an EWU Running Start student)
    3. All college transcripts, including any transcripts from your time as a Running Start student (unofficial transcripts are acceptable)
  2. Five Application Essays Covering These Topics
    1. The reasons you chose your major, your goals, and your future plans
    2. Details on your volunteer and community service
    3. Challenges on your journey to college
    4. Your plans to pay for college
    5. The reasons you should be selected for a scholarship

New Freshmen Only

You can earn an automatic, four-year renewable scholarship based on your state of residency, test scores, and GPA. Use the freshman scholarship calculator to see what you might qualify for.

If you qualify for an automatic EWU scholarship award, your printed admissions letter will include your award.

You need to apply for admission before February 1 to receive an automatic scholarship.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) helps undergraduate students from 16 participating western states and territories attend EWU with a lower cost of tuition.

WUE is awarded automatically. Apply for admission by February 1 for priority consideration. WUE awards may not be available after February 1.

WUE is worth over $14,000 for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is in charge of EWU’s WUE program and updates official WUE policies and procedures.

The Honors Scholarship provides an additional $1,000 each year in addition to any other EWU scholarships you receive. If you’re offered an Honors Scholarship, you’ll have to participate in the Honors Program to receive the scholarship.

Honors scholarships are awarded automatically to qualified students. You need to apply for admission by February 1.

University Honors

New Transfers Only

The Transfer Honors Scholarship supports high achieving community college transfer students who choose to participate in EWU University Honors. Honors provides enhanced educational opportunities to superior students and special teaching opportunities to outstanding faculty.

The award is $3,500 and is renewable.

This award is offered to high achieving community college transfer students who have completed their AA degree.

The award is $2,000 and is renewable.

If you’re from a WUE state, you may be automatically eligible for the Transfer Eagle Award.

The award was is worth $11,750 and is renewable. This is not a WUE scholarship.

Apply for EWU admission by February 1 for priority consideration. Awards may not be available after February 1.

For each of these scholarships, make sure you complete the Scholarship Application by February 1.

  • Avista Transfer, 2 @ $2000.  Sponsored by the Avista Corporation. You must be a transfer student from Spokane Falls Community College or Spokane Community College.
  • Bridge Beyond Tomorrow, varies up to $1000.  You must be a transfer student from a Washington State community college.

EWU offers scholarships for new transfer students.  If you want to be considered for these competitive awards, complete the EWU Scholarship Application by February 1. You will need to apply for admission before you can complete the scholarship application.

Departmental Scholarships

Academic departments offer scholarship opportunities. Some require a separate application. Please contact your academic department for other possibilities.

Biology ScholarshipsFilm Scholarships
Accounting ScholarshipsGeology Scholarships
Chicano Education Program ScholarshipsHistory Scholarships
Computer Science ScholarshipsMathematics Scholarships
English ScholarshipsPlanning Scholarships

General Scholarships

This program recognizes students with a bright future in: business, technology, manufacturing technology and health sciences. The program was created by Associated Industries and is co-funded in partnership with Moda Health Plan, Inc. (Moda Health) and Wells Fargo Insurance Services. It provides half of one year’s tuition at EWU. 2018-2019 applications will be available by March 1, 2018.

The mission of the Avista Utilities’ Avista Scholars Program is to promote excellence in the fields of math, science, technology and engineering to produce innovators, problem solvers and diverse, talented employees of the future.

Scholarships will be provided to students who demonstrate exemplary academic achievement, innovation, community service, leadership and project management experience in three fields of study:

  • Electrical engineering with power emphasis
  • Management information systems
  • Computer information systems

These scholarships are available to college juniors and seniors, with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, who demonstrate strong leadership ability. Complete the EWU General Scholarship Application by Feb. 1.

Avista Scholars

The Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship is available to PTK members transferring directly from community college to EWU with no gap in enrollment. Seven annual awards are available. Complete the EWU General Scholarship Application by Feb. 1.

The ROTC program offers several scholarships: four-, three- and two-year scholarships for eligible students. Every scholarship provides full tuition and fees, funding for books, supplies and equipment. Scholarship recipients receive a tax-free monthly stipend. Students must have a 19 ACT score or 1050 SAT total score and a 2.5 or higher GPA. To find out more, visit Military Science.

Eastern is a NCAA Division I university and member of the Big Sky Athletic Conference. Students interested in an athletic-based scholarship must have taken an SAT or ACT test and registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center meeting all standards for initial eligibility.

Contact the coach for interest in one of these sports: men’s football; women’s volleyball; men’s and women’s track, field and cross country; men’s and women’s basketball; women’s soccer; men’s and women’s tennis and women’s golf. To find out more, visit Eastern Athletics or call 509.359.2463 or 866.4.GOEAGLES.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) administers several state scholarship programs.

WA State Scholarships

If you are a recipient of these awards, contact the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office to coordinate receipt of your award.

  • American Indian Endowed Scholarship
  • Future Teachers Conditional Scholarship & Loan Repayment Programs
  • Washington Scholars
  • Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (WAVE)

The College Success program assists underserved, low-income students with financial support, tools and additional resources through scholarship programs.

If you are a recipient of any of these awards, contact the EWU Financial Aid & Scholarship Office to coordinate receipt of your award.

  • Achievers Scholars
  • College Bound Scholarship
  • Governor’s Scholarship for Foster Youth
  • Leadership 1000 Scholarship
  • Passport to College Promise Scholarship
  • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship

Additional Resources

Scholarships are a great way to help manage college costs, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Start your search by using the list of sites below. Notice: Lending institutions sponsor some scholarship sites, so you may receive promotional mailings about educational loan options after you conduct your scholarship search.

The United States Congress created a number of tax credits, tax deductions and savings vehicles for higher education expenses. Details about these tax benefits are provided below:

Tax Benefit Guides

NASFAA’s Education Tax Benefit Guide and the IRS brochure “Students and Parents – Why Form 1098-T is Important to You” provide details for students and families about tax credits and deductions to help lower the cost of higher education.

Important Tax Information

There are also favorable tax benefits associated with flexible IRAs and employer-provided tuition benefits. EWU staff members are not authorized to give tax advice; however, further information on all of these programs can be obtained from the following sources:

The GET Program

GET is a prepaid tuition plan that allows Washington families to buy credits at current tuition rates for use in the future. For further information, please call 800.955.2318 or visit the GET website