Special Instructions

Instructions for Dual Program Applicants

These steps should be used by dual program applicants and current students who want to add a certificate.

Follow these instructions when you apply:

  1. Complete the first program application, pay the application fee, and submit it.
  2. Complete the second program application. Do not submit it. (Submitting it requires you to pay the application fee.)
  3. Email gradprograms@ewu.edu with the subject line: “Dual Program Applicant” and list each program in the dual degree.
  4. EWU Graduate Studies will process your second application at no cost.

Instructions for McNair Scholars

Your application fee is waived as a McNair Scholar. Follow these instructions when you apply.

  1. Complete the online graduate application. Do not submit it. (Submitting it requires paying an application fee.)
  2. Email gradprograms@ewu.edu with the subject line: McNair Scholar.
  3. Attach an official McNair letter/waiver from your program director (signed) showing your participation in the McNair Scholars Program.
  4. In the body of the email, state your McNair Scholar status.
  5. State that you have completed the online application. Include the name of the program you are applying to.

After completing these steps, EWU Graduate Studies will submit your application on your behalf and waive your application fee.

Graduate Application FAQs

Your application is generally only valid for the specific program and term in which you submitted it. However, if you are admitted, you may defer enrollment for a later term within the same academic year, if approved by your program, without having to reapply.

If you previously applied to an EWU graduate program, your application is kept for 1 year.

For our purposes, “official” means sent directly from the issuing institution’s office to our receiving office. We judge transcripts to be official if:

  • Transcripts arrive to us in an envelope sealed by the issuing institution.
  • Transcripts arrive to us via an approved secure electronic transcript exchange service: eSCRIP-SAFE, National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment.
  • Transcripts arrive to us in an envelope sealed by a US State Department sponsored organization (e.g., USEF), and are attested by that organization.

Faxed copies of transcripts are not considered official.

If you send transcripts, references or other application materials ahead of time, your files are kept for 1 year.

The main reasons are because:

  • This shows a complete picture of your academic career.
  • Obtaining an official transcript lets us know that you are not financially indebted to some other institution.
  • Transfer coursework may lose grade, credit or course name information when they’re listed as transfer courses on another school’s transcript.
  • Transcripts can and do change over time (e.g., grades are revised, degrees are added/revoked).
  • Transcripts contain additional information besides grades that may affect your admission to an EWU graduate program (e.g., degrees or certificates earned, accreditation, suspensions and dismissals, etc.).

If your institution will not release your transcript because of a financial, disciplinary or academic hold, you will need to work with your institution to resolve the issue.


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