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Course of Study

Courses are offered on-line, with two required visits to the EWU Spokane Campus, in Spokane WA. Courses are taught on a semester system (beginning fall 2015). The first visit is 3 days and involves advanced clinical techniques and patient treatment. The second visit is required for the thesis defense. Students are always encouraged to attend the commencement ceremonies, however, this is not mandatory.

Courses begin August 24, 2015 with a 3 day visit September 14,15,16, 2015.


                                     Master of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene-Semesters

Fall Semester (year 1) Spring Semester (year 1)
PUBH 563 Biostatics (3)

DNHY 520  Research Methodologies and Scholarly Writing (4)

DNHY 505 Healthcare Leadership (3)

DNHY 610 Health Care Education Theories and Instructional Methods (2)

DNHY 605 Components of Program Development (2)

DNHY 620 Seminar on Concepts of Public Health and Health Promotion (2)

DNHY 501 Advanced Dental Hygiene Practice w/ Lab (3 days on campus) (1)

DNHY 530 Intro to Thesis (1)

Total Credits: 9  Total Credits: 9

Fall Semester (year 2) Spring Semester (year 2)
DNHY 600 Thesis (2)

DNHY 600 Thesis (2)

DNHY 615 Principles of Dental Hygiene Course and Curriculum Design (3)

DNHY 635 Practicum (5)

DNHY 625 Clinical Teaching Strategies (2)

DNHY 640 Seminar on Administration, Management, and Organization (2)

DNHY 630 Seminar on Health Care Policies and Finance (2)


Total Credits: 9 Total Credits: 9

Total Minimum Credits:  36
Minimum 4 credits thesis

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