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Admission Requirements

Admission to the EWU MOT Program occurs once a year with offers made for a class of 32 each Summer semester. Admission is based not only on academic achievement, but also on non-academic factors which ensure that candidates can complete the academic program required for graduation. The application process is competitive. Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1. Successful Application to OTCAS at For more information, please review the Application Procedures page.

2. Successful Application to the Eastern Washington University's Graduate Studies Program. NOTE: This requirement is for MOT applicants only. 3+2 applicants must skip this step at the time of initial application. For more information, please review the Application Procedures page.

3. Successful Completion of OT Program Specific Prerequisites: Prerequisite coursework may be taken at Eastern Washington University, community colleges, or at other institutions of higher education. At the time of application, applicants must have completed at least seven of the prerequisite courses and it is highly recommended that anatomy and physiology be among them. Only courses in which you have received grades of a 2.0 or higher will satisfy the requirements. All eleven prerequisite courses must be completed prior to entering the program in Summer semester. If you have any questions about these prerequisite courses, please contact us. Please enter all your of your prerequisites courses directly into your OTCAS application.

  • Chemistry: Any college level course with a lab.
  • English Composition II or Technical Writing course.
  • Human Anatomy or A&P I.
  • Human Physiology or A&P II.
  • Introduction to Occupational Therapy
  • Medical Terminology
  • Sociology or Anthropology
  • General Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Human Development through the Life Span or Developmental Psychology
  • Statistics

4. Bachelor's Degree. NOTE: This requirement is for MOT applicants only at the time of initial application. A baccalaureate degree in any major from an accredited institution of higher education is required. A bachelor's degree must be awarded prior to starting the program in Summer semester. Students currently in the MOT program have a wide variety of degrees and backgrounds, including biology, psychology, exercise science, therpeutic recreation, art, history, business, sociology, and anthropology among others. 

5. Demonstrated 3.0 cumulative college GPA in the last 90 quarter or 60 semester credits AND a minumum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in all prerequisite courses.

6. Graduate Record Examination (GRE): The GRE exam must be completed as a part of your application to the OT program. The test version must be October 2010 or later. Successful candidates are expected to perform a score of greater than a 3.5 on the written section of the exam. Send your scores directly to EWU. EWU's school code is 4301 and the Department of OT code is 0618.

7. Volunteer/Work Experience: Applicants must have experience with people who have mental, physical, or developmental disabilities to demonstrate their interest in and understanding of the field.  A minimum of 40 hours is required. It is important for the applicant to have at least 30 hours of direct observation, volunteering, job shadowing, and/or working with an occupational therapist in at lease two different types of of occupational therapy practice settings (physical rehabilitation, mental health, geriatrics, pediatrics) and with different age groups. It is also important that one experience be extensive and with an occupational therapist who can serve as a reference. These hours are placed directly into OTCAS.

8. Three ORIGINAL Letters of Recommendation:

These letters are completed through OTCAS.

  • One from instructor/teacher who taught any college-level academic courses taken by the applicant in the areas of a) Mathematics, or b) Science, or c) English, or d) Psychology.
  • One from an Occupational Therapist who supervised volunteer/work experiences related to services for persons with disabilities.
  • One from a person (unrelated) who can provide a character reference. Examples include: a former or current employer, co-worker, mentor, religious leader, counselor, coach, and charity/volunteer organization leader.

9. Personal Essay: All applicants must compose an essay as listed on OTCAS. The personal essay is an important part of your application for admission and provides you with an opportunity for you to clearly and effectively express your ideas. The essay must capture the interest of the reader, be relevant to the theme of the essay, and convey a message that is clear and relatable. Please use language that conveys an understanding of the professionalism required at this level, the healthcare environment, and occupational therapy. Lastly, please adhere to the pragmatics of language, such as spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

10. Successful Completion of a Group Interview: Candidates, who meet all minimum requirements, will be invited to a group interview and open house within three weeks after the January 15th supplemental application deadline.

Candidates will be notified of their admission status to the OT program within two weeks of Admission Committee reviews following the completion of group interviews.

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