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MPH- Master of Public Health with a focus on Public Health Leadership

Program Statement

In line with the mission of Eastern Washington University the Master of Public Health prepares future public health leaders to manage, develop and re-orient health services to combat health inequalities and promote access and inclusion. The course focuses on developing leadership skills in an engaged, practical and applied manner across the full spectrum of population health domains.

This course is specifically aimed at entry level and early Public Health career professionals. The course aims to develop a public health orientation in students while at the same time equipping graduates with the skills, knowledge and expertise to succeed in health care and allied systems. The MPH may also appeal to more established Public Health practitioners seeking Public Health credentialing and/or those seeking  particular training via specific MPH courses. 


What will I study?

About the Program

The MPH Program is housed in Eastern Washington University's new College of Health Science & Public Health (CHSPH), which is located in Spokane. Most classes are held in the evening and all courses are currently transitioning to online availability. From Fall 2015 the MPH will be a semester based program with a tailored curriculum that emphasizes leadership in the public health arena.



PUBH 560S Foundations in Epidemiology (3)

PUBH  561S Social and Behavioral Epidemiology & Issues in Public Health (3)

HSAD 540S Health Policy (3)

PUBH 563S Research, Biostatistics and other ways of 'knowing' (3)

PUBH 564S Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology & Response (3)

PUBH 565S Combatting Health Inequalities (3)

PUBH 500S Orientation to Public Health 1 (1)

PUBH 501S Further History & Philosophy of Public Health  (1)

PUBH 595S Internship (6)



HSAD 520S Administration and Leadership in Health Services (4)

HSAD 500S Healthcare Systems (4)

HSAD 510S Health Law and Finance (4)

PUBH 572S Health Risk Management and Response (3)

PUBH 573S Health Program Planning, Evaluation and Process Improvement (3)

PUBH 582S Professionalism in Public Health 1 (1)

PUBH 583S Professionalism in Public Health 2 (1)

PUBH 585S Research Project Proposal (1)

PUBH 586S Research Project Preparation 2 (1)

PUBH 587S Research Project (2)


Electives (choose a minimum of one)

PUBH 598S Seminar in Epidemiology (3)

PUBH 594S Seminar in Health Promotion (3)

HSAD 598S Seminar in Health Services Administration (4)

PUBH 574S Seminar in Public Health Preparedness (3)


 Semester Credits are in brackets

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