Summer Bridge

Jumpstart your college career with EWU’s free Summer Bridge program for confirmed students.

Summer Bridge at EWU

Launch your college experience with the FREE Summer Bridge program! Designed for incoming freshmen at EWU, this amazing opportunity equips you with tools that will empower you to succeed as you take your first steps on campus. Make friends, meet faculty and staff, and build college knowledge before classes begin.

Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to get ahead of the game and set yourself up for a successful college career!

Student Eligibility
To be eligible for the FREE Summer Bridge program, you must:

  • Be confirmed to attend EWU before the first day of the program
  • Be a first-time incoming college freshman


Explore the Benefits

Save the Date

Accelerate Your Academic Progress

Start your college career with confidence! The Summer Bridge equips incoming freshmen with tools for success as they begin their college journey at EWU. The program offers a wide range of activities that go beyond academics—such as learning about college financing that can help you graduate with less debt, promoting inclusion and self-belief. You’ll develop skills needed for success in university courses so that when summer is over, you’re ready to thrive!

Unique and Engaging Experiences

The Summer Bridge program is full of unique and engaging experiences for you to explore. Dive into one of our four amazing programs, each specialized in its own unique way. With field trips led by a Geoscience professor to the Saltese Conversation District, behind-the-scenes access to some cutting edge facilities, career advising, financial advising and more, adventures await!

Get to Know EWU

Start exploring your future campus as you join its vibrant community before classes even start. Summer Bridge helps connect you with faculty, potential mentors, friends and resources – all intent on supporting your success to graduation and an amazing career —while honing the skills it takes for this success.

Save the Date: Summer Bridge Starts Sept. 12

Join up to fifty other students in an overnight experience that combines college activities, meeting faculty, making friends, exploring financial support for college, and building on your strengths to achieve your goals. The program includes overnight housing, meals, tours, field trips, career and college advising, and more. This is the full-time program option and leads directly into Welcome Week activities.

The Overnight Summer Bridge programming starts on September 12 for the incoming fall 2024 class.

Registration will soon open for this event. If you have questions, or would like to join a contact list, email Jackie Coomes at