EWU Music Sessions

EWU Music has world-class faculty and exceptional students—all extraordinary musicians in their own right—who are ready to share their experience and talents with you and the greater community. Each session is inspiring!

Find Your Passion

Do you see yourself as a professional performer, composer or instructor? Your future in music begins with EWU.

Orchestral Performance

Experience a performance of Waltzing Matilda played by EWU’s string faculty. Also, John Marshall, professor of cello and EWU Orchestra director, takes you through a shoulder rotation exercise.

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Piano Performance

Meet piano performance major Tonya Ballman and her faculty mentor Jody Graves. Ballman speaks about her experience as an EWU Music student, and Professor Graves discusses making a living playing piano.

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Vocal Performance

Meet three incredible vocal performance students, Aries, Carynm and Kimberly. Each has a unique sound and vision; all three say the university has helped inspire them to raise their voices.

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Percussion Performance

Percussion performance alumnus Jonathan Williams ’20 shares his stirring rendition of Night of Moon Dances, a tour de force for solo marimba and percussion ensemble.

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Composition professor and department chair Jonathan Middleton shares innovative techniques for composing from musical algorithms.

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Dr. Ben Robertson - Music Technology

Meet Dr. Ben Robertson, Music Technology Expert. Stay tuned for more updates, but here is a listing of his hardware/software skills that will be integrated into the experiences for all Music Technology students:

• Max/MSP
• Pure Data
• SuperCollider
• Pro Tools
• Digital Performer
• Logic Pro
• QLab
• iZotope Ozone
• Audacity
• Unity
• Sibelius
• MuseScore
• Buchla Series 100, 200, Easel
• ARP 2500, 2600
• Nord Modular
• Moog Mini, Poly
• Bela Embedded Computing Platform
• Arduino IDE
• Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
• Zoom (Instruction & Performance)
• Qualisys 3D Motion Capture System
• Analog Multitrack (Tape):
Ampex MM1200 16-Track (2” tape)
Otari MX5050 8-Track (1/2” tape)
• Mixing Consoles:
API 1604, 1608
Soundcraft 600, EPM12
Mackie 1604, 1620, 2408
Roland M300 Digital Mixer
• Leprecon 612 Lighting Console
• Analog/Digital Synthesis Techniques:
Additive, Subtractive, FM, AM/RM, Granular,
Physical Modeling, Karplus-Strong
• DIY Fabrication Techniques:
CNC Machining (X-Carve, Carbide 3D Nomad)
Laser Cutting (Universal, FSL Muse)
3D Printing (Makerbot PLA)
Soldering & Circuit Design
Hand/Power Tools

Why Music?

A letter from Dr. Jody Graves Director of Piano Performance Studies

Take the Next Step

The EWU Music Program awards an average of $150,000 in scholarships each year to help make the dream of becoming a professional musician a reality for students.