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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can apply? You must be a licensed dental hygienist graduated from an Associate dental hygiene degree program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation and regional higher education accrediting bodies with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA.

2. When are the classes held?  All courses are taught online via Canvas, a web-based Learning Management System that allows students to submit assignments, contact the course instructor, collaborate with fellow students, participate in discussions, and even videoconference from virtually anywhere.

3. What happened to your site locations? To better serve students both statewide and eventually nationally, our program has decided to go 100% online. There will no longer be "sites" all students will take courses online from the comforts of home, and to meet the demand of the working hygentist.

4. How long is the program? Designed for the working RDH. Curriculum is two years part-time with an average of 10 credits per semester. EWU's College of Health Science and Public Health operates on a semester schedule (EWU is still on a quarter system)  and the curriculum for the degree completion program is designed to be done in 4 semesters. Students may have the  option to complete the curriculum in one year on a case by case basis.

5. May I continue working? Most students continue to work 4 days per week and continue their family lives without much issue. For completion in one year, we recommend working no more than 2-3 days per week.

6. Do I need to do more clinical instruction?  No clinical component!

7. Can I receive CE credits for my schooling? Yes, you can use the DNHY courses for CE credit; it is a one to one conversion. For example, 10 credits of DNHY courses equals 10 CE units. You will need to check with your state Department of Health (DOH) as to how they want you to keep track of the credit.

8. How much does it cost? Tuition is $369.00 per credit for Fall semester 2017. We make every effort to keep the cost reasonable as EWU embraces the promotion of all dental hygienists having a bachelor's degree. We are still one of the least expensive degree completion programs in the United States.

9. Are there any extra fees? Yes, the university charges a $52.50 per credit online delivery fee.

10. Can I qualify for Financial Aid?  Applicants with questions about eligibility and availability of financial aid are invited to visit the EWU Financial Aid and Scholarships webpage or contact:

 EWU Financial Aid and Scholarship Office 
 102 Sutton Hall,
Cheney, WA 99004-2431
 Phone: 509.359.2314
 FAX: 509.359.4330

 Deadlines for application for financial aid are strictly adhered to!

11. What if I am an Out-of-State applicant?  The EWU BSDH degree completion program is self-supporting therefore; all students in the program pay the same in-state tuition rate.

12.  How many credits will I need to take to complete my degree? A minimum of 40 upper-division credits is required beyond the Associate Degree. Of these 40 Upper Division credits.  A minimum of 30 of these credits must be earned from EWU.

13. What prerequisite coursework is required for your program?  An english 201 equivalent (english proficiency) is required, along with a college algebra proficiency. Students who do not have completed coursework will not be permitted to start the program.  Please plan accordingly when creating your education plan with the director.

14. Who is my advisor?  The Director of the Degree Completion Program is the official EWU advisor for every applicant.  Please do not contact the EWU General Advising Office!

15. How do I apply?  Applicants to the Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Program are required to complete two applications:

a. An Eastern Washington University (EWU) application
b. A Degree Completion Program application 

16. When is the deadline to apply?  The deadline is July 1, 2017 for fall semester enrollment. The deadline is December 1, 2017 for spring semester enrollment.

17. What kind of equipment is needed to be an online student? It is strongly recommended you have a laptop computer, scanner/printer, webcam and headset. A good internet connection is also required.



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