CPP Alumni Feature: Bethiah Streeter

January 2023

by Mya Brossoit

The College of Professional Programs is proud to recognize EWU School of Social Work Alumna, Bethiah Streeter.

Bethiah graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree in June of 2018. Hired by Spokane Public Library (SPL) in May 2022, she serves as the Social Services Manager and is the first ever Social Worker to work at SPL. In this role, Bethiah leads the SPL Welcome Team that gives EWU Social Work students the opportunity to intern and gain hands-on experience providing support to community members and patrons in locating resources like housing, healthcare, employment, and mental health.

Streeter praises the opportunities and resources Eastern provided during her attendance at the university. This useful support improved her education and readied her to enter the workforce.

The EWU Master of Social Work program “….provided some great educational materials and opportunities to get first-hand experience via practicum internships.” – Bethiah Streeter

While Bethiah remembers her time at Eastern fondly, she endured several hardships in pursuit of her degree. As a single mom, Streeter balanced demands of schoolwork with raising her family. From battling homelessness and unemployment, to pursuing academics in a non-traditional fashion, Bethiah has overcome many real-world hardships, refusing to settle for anything less than reaching her full potential.

As a homeschooled kid it was such an interesting experience in my adult life to go to college and I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity! – Bethiah Streeter

She now returns the gift of education and support to current students chasing their dreams. The Welcome Team at Spokane Public Library now supports Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) interns Muriel Burns, Shiphrah Thomas and Nicki Haney. This internship runs through the school year from September to June offering students the unique opportunity of shaping social work in their community library system. Throughout her experience, as both student and professional, Bethiah places great value on the opportunities, resources, and real-world experience Eastern builds into the Master of Social Work program.

Bethiah recognizes Jamie Wiggins and the late Dr. Lu Brown as pivotal mentors in her journey through college. She tells of the wonderful faculty at Eastern and their deep authenticity.

I love how real so many of the teachers are and how much pride they hold in their positions and interactions with students. – Bethiah Streeter

Reflecting on her success, her collegiate journey, and her life experiences, Bethiah encourages other students to “trust the process and do everything with a passion.” She suggests never taking new college relationships for granted, always striving for success while enjoying time as a student.

Grades matter but have fun learning through the process! -Bethiah Streeter

The EWU College of Professional Programs and the School of Social Work thank Bethiah Streeter for sharing her inspiring story, her role at Spokane Public Library, and her dedication to helping future Social Work professionals along their path to success.

Learn more about the Master of Social Work (MSW) program in the School of Social Work at EWU.

Learn more about the Spokane Public Library Welcome Team.

  • Additional Information: The SPL Welcome Team actively provides supervised patron support services. EWU School of Social Work interns involved with the program gain valuable experience as they work in various Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Social Work settings during program development. The program, based at the Central Library in downtown Spokane, conducts supervised intern support services in all seven SPL locations, supporting population needs across the metro area.