CPP Student Spotlight: Rachel Grubb

January 2024

by Mya Brossoit

The College of Professional Programs is excited to recognize Rachel Grubb for January’s Student Spotlight. Rachel is enrolled in the part-time Master of Social Work (MSW) program.

As an air force brat, Rachel was born in the Philippines and spent a significant portion of her childhood in the southern and northern Prefectures of Japan before eventually moving back to the United States. For the last two decades she has called Spokane home. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology from EWU, Rachel decided to take her education further by working towards her Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW). She plans to graduate in June of 2026.

When asked why she chose Eastern, Grubb shares how she appreciates EWU’s affordable education and convenient location. She goes on to explain how she is able to pursue a higher education degree with flexibility around her day-to-day life:

The MSW program at EWU offers a part-time degree schedule which allows me to balance and manage my work responsibilities, academics, and personal life.

Her ambition has even inspired several family members and colleagues to attend Eastern for their education as well.

For many students, choosing an area to study can be a confusing and long process of exploration. However, in time, the answer slowly tends to reveal itself through life experiences and various opportunities. Rachel describes her background working with individuals with developmental disabilities and through serving patients and families as a care coordinator in the non-profit health care setting. From this work, she has developed a deep passion for advocacy of vulnerable populations which has led her to pursue a Master of Social Work degree.

My purpose is clear and I have great desire to help vulnerable populations, but I know I need to develop a foundation and understanding of what it means to be a compassionate advocate. My professional journey begins with receiving the education and training necessary to create a socially just and equitable society.

While embarking on her graduate student journey, she experienced loss and hardship, but Rachel credits her friends and family for providing her with the support she needed to press forward with strength and fortitude that led her to academic success.

Rachel expresses a great deal of gratitude towards the faculty that supported her along the way. She states,

Each instructor puts so much emphasis on self-care and protecting our mental wellness, making me feel cared for as more than just a student in a cohort.

Grubb has noticed a great deal of transformation in her personal worldview as a result of the MSW program. Enriched in constructive evaluation and reflection, she has learned to navigate her responsibilities to provide care for others in the workplace.

The MSW program is preparing me for real world professional work that is collaborative and ethical.

Rachel imagines her future to be shaped by this ever-growing passion to support individuals through the advocacy of social change. She excitedly presses forward towards a future of service and meaningful work once she receives her MSW degree.

The College of Professional Programs is honored to feature Rachel Grubb for her meaningful ambition to make a difference in the lives of others!