EWU Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

July 18, 2019
Smiling students

In February, we established the EWU chapter of C-E-O. C-E-O is a global club for university students interested in entrepreneurship. Katherine Bozarth and Ryan Halterman, both fellows from our Technology Commercialization Academy, are the student founders. Prior to starting the EWU chapter of C-E-O, Katherine and Ryan traveled to Kansas City and attended the 2018 Global C-E-O Conference in order to gather knowledge and information as well as to network and form new collaborative relationships within the C-E-O community.
EWU C-E-O offers leadership roles on campus, introduces members to successful entrepreneurs, and prepares members for the challenges they’ll face in starting new organizations! EWU C-EO will help students with their friends, their network, and their career. EWU C-E-O creates opportunities to build connections with students at other universities, to attend the C-E-O Global Conference in Tampa, Florida, and to engage with entrepreneurial students across the Northwest, and around the world! EWU C-E-O is open to all EWU students.