MSW Alum Heather Zorrozua Named Assistant Principal at Cheney Middle School

Master of Social Work alum Heather Zorrozua ’11, a Counselor at Cheney Middle School, who completed the School of Education’s Principal Certificate this year, has been named Assistant Principal starting in the fall.

When asked how her academic program prepared her for her career, Heather states that:

The well-rounded knowledge from the MSW program gave me a broader lens in working with key stakeholders. With added experience working in a residential mental health setting, with my MSW, I was prepared to work with the whole student. The wealth of information I was provided during my MSW program allowed me to bring a range of skills to work within the public education setting not typically seen by school counselors.  This also helped give me the confidence to obtain my administrative certification to ensure a more considerable impact on my students and the broader community. Moving into an Assistant Principal role for Cheney Middle School, I will bring my MSW and all the skills/knowledge that has come with it to an advanced generalist background.

Her most significant challenge and “blessing” while at EWU was that she was working full-time in a residential mental health setting.

While the experience was terrific and happened simultaneously with my learning, I was required to dial in my time management. In addition, during my administrative certification, I also worked full-time with the bonus of being a mom, wife, and coach. So while all the challenges have been a blessing, they required laser-focused time management.”

Her favorite thing about EWU the connections she built within cohorts and community work. She states that, “it has been great to interact with people years later that have supported the work I have been doing within my current job. The connections are lovely.”

When asked what advice she would provide to current students, she says that they should have an open mind.

While it might feel like you know what you want to do and how to get there, be open to exploring various jobs and avenues. You might find your calling in a field, position, or space you never imagined. Say yes and explore your options! You know, ever know what road might open for you. Make connections and be kind!

Heather let us know that she is “incredibly excited to continue to serve in the Cheney community and cannot wait for my new adventure as an Assistant Principal at Cheney Middle School!”

Congratulations Heather!