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Interdisciplinary Addiction Studies BA Degree

Interdisciplinary Studies Addiction Studies BA Degree

This program provides students with the coursework necessary to become certified as a Chemical Dependency Professional in the State of Washington. The addiction field offers an excellent chance for graduates to make a significant impact on people's lives to move toward healthy life styles. 

NAADAC Approved Education Provider

What will I study?

Required Courses: 

ADST 300 Survey of Alcohol/Drug Problems (4) 

ADST 302 Counseling Theories for the Addiction Professional (4)

ADST 303 HIV/AIDS & Addiction Treatment (2)

ADST 308 Cultural Issues in Addiction Treatment & Behavioral Health (4) 

ADST 410 Community Prevention Methods (4)

ADST 412 Physiology & Pharmacology for Addictions (4) 

ADST 420 Alcohol/Drug Case Management (4)

ADST 430 Addiction Treatment with Families (4) 

ADST 440 Alcohol/Drug Group Counseling (3) 

ADST 442 Screening & Assessment for Co-Occurring Disorders (4) 

ADST 444 Treating Co-Occurring Disorders (4)

ADST 460 Law & Ethics for Addiction Professionals (4)

ADST 462 Adolescent Addiction Assessment & Treatment (4)

ADST 464 Relapse Prevention (2)

Total: 51 Credits 

Practicum Placement is available for students who are not currently working in addiction treatment. 


ADST 350 Practicum Seminar (1) 

ADST 385 Practicum I (2) 

ADST 485 Practicum II (2)

Students must complete a minimum of 20 additional upper division credits in a single approved subject area that is complimentary to Addiction Studies. 

Additional requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Bachelor of Arts (B.A) 

  •  Two years of a single high school foreign language or one year of a single college level foreign language is required. 
  •  Approved Senior Capstone 
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