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Conference Sessions

Morning Presentations

Our morning presentations are designed to help us think creatively about the various places and spaces where children and youth become engaged.  

  • Building Community
  • Building Sustainability
  • Building Compassion
Morning Workshops

Morning workshops are designed to help adults and youth understand how to work more effectively with each other.  Adam Fletcher will lead a youth empowerment workshop for our younger participants.  Other workshops are designed to help expand adult participants' understanding of how to engage and support youth. 

  • Youth-Adam Fletcher-Youth Empowerment
  • Adults-Art Therapy
  • Adults-A Compassionate Model for working with youth
  • Adults-Play Anywhere
Afternoon Presentations

Our afternoon presentations explore the diversity of young voices.  Possible presentations include:

  • Girls Voices
  • Meeting the Needs of More Vulnerable Youth
  • Engaging Tribal Youth
Afternoon Workshops

Afternoon workshops are designed to bring youth and adults together in fun activities that will further participants ability to work together.

  • Build Projects
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Media Projects
  • Youth Voice
Youth Panel

Our youth panel is designed to help us appreciate the various ways youth are engaged in the community through their own stories.

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