Guide to Fall 2020

The Max Flex Approach

Designed with your health and safety in mind, our “Max Flex” approach provides you with the choice of living on- or off-campus, while taking classes online or in-person when it is safe to do so. Our “online-first” model ensures all classes are intentionally designed for both online and in-person delivery, providing you with the high-quality rigor and experience you’d expect from Eastern.

Your health and safety are the number one priority.

All classes designed to be delivered in person and online.

Classes will start online unless it’s safe to offer them in-person.

Convenient on-campus housing or the ability to live off-campus.

Reduced online course delivery fees for all.

How “Max Flex” Works for You

Because we’re starting online for most classes, you’ll get more options and choices as time passes and safety increases. Your entire class schedule will be built so you can attend classes in person as soon as it’s safe and you’re ready. Classes will offer face-to-face options as soon as it’s safe to do so. That could happen as early as this fall (we hope so!), but it might not happen until winter or spring term. Our model gives you the flexibility to migrate between online to face-to-face formats, should conditions permit, with all courses having a regular meeting schedule for a seamless experience both online and in-person.

Some classes may start in person and stay in person unless the governor or public health officials order otherwise. A good example is an essential lab course that could only be completed on campus in one of our new laboratories. On July 31, 2020, the university will re-evaluate which classes can safely be offered in person.

Key features:

  • Study from anywhere: Almost all classes will be offered online for fall term, so you can live on- or off-campus.
  • The choice is yours: If an online class also offers an in-person option, you can choose how you’ll take part: online or in-person.
  • Providing you with flexibility: You can choose to switch from in-person to online, but you won’t be required to switch from online to in-person during the middle of a term.
  • Giving you certainty: We won’t cancel classes, charge you more, or send you home in the middle of the term.
  • Rigorous and immersive: Online classes intentionally designed to provide the academic experience you deserve.

Why are we doing it this way? Because it’s honest and it’s safe.

No college can guarantee that fall classes will be offered on campus. But at EWU we will plan for both so that you have the most flexibility any college can give you.

Plus, we want you and the people you care about to feel safe when you’re in college. For some, that means living on campus and taking classes in person and online. For others, that means living at home and taking only online classes.

You get to choose what works best for you.

Fall will look different this year, but EWU will always be the same: flexible, affordable, and the best value in the state of Washington.

We’re here to help you through this. Ask us all the questions, and we’ll help you plan.

Campus Services

Providing essential services in a safe and healthy environment, EWU will follow the Governor's phased reopening guidelines for all buildings on our Cheney and Spokane campuses. During this time, buildings may be closed to the general public with limited access to students and employees. As the Governor rolls back restrictions, EWU has a planned response that allows us to return to face-to-face office staffing, to more normal activities and events, and to provide access to different parts of campus. As more restrictions are rolled back, more activity and access will be permitted.

Open with limited access

Pence Union Building
laptop kiosk and print/scan station, and The Union Market
Residence Halls
STA Bus Routes
Central Food Pantry
in Tawanka Hall

Limited or online services only

The Eagle Store
textbooks, apparel and merchandise orders available

JFK Library & Learning Commons
online library catalog, subject guides, limited equipment check-out, PLUS Tutoring and Writers’ Center services

Parking & Transportation
normal parking rules will apply

Spokane Academic Library
limited access via remote operations

Closed until safe to re-open

PUB Technology Center

EWU/YMCA Children’s Center
closed until the stay-at-home order is lifted

Spokane Fitness Center
WSU Health Sciences Campus
Sports & Recreation Center
SRC/PHASE, Aquatic Center
University Recreation Center
URC, ice rink, climbing wall

Technology & Internet

Free WiFi & Internet Access

EWU provides free WiFi across its campuses. The coverage area has been expanded to parking lots, providing students the ability to access the internet from the safety of their own vehicles. For those off-campus, these additional resources are available:

  • eduroam provides simple, easy, secure connectivity from thousands of hotspots across more than 100 countries.
  • Drive-In WiFi Hotspots provide free temporary, emergency internet access for Washingtonians who do not have broadband service to their homes.
  • Some internet service providers, such as Comcast Xfinity and Spectrum Charter, are offering low- to no-cost services for students.

Computers, Laptops, Printing & Scanning

The PUB Laptop Kiosk and Print/Scan Station are accessible on the second floor of the PUB. Students can apply to receive a Chromebook by submitting an application for a laptop grant through the Student Emergency Fund.

University Recreation Center & Fitness Facilities

When fitness facilities are allowed to be reopened we will reopen the URC following the state’s safety guidelines. The URC fee was voted by the student body to construct a facility and this fee is committed to repaying the bonds issued to construct the facility and this responsibility remains in place. The State of Washington does not fund construction for facilities that provide student activities and therefore students must assess themselves a fee to construct facilities such as the URC and the student union (PUB).

Academic Advising

The Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR), Running Start, and the School of Global Learning are offering online advising appointments for your convenience. Appointments can be scheduled online:

We’re with you from the beginning

Our advisors in the Center for Academic Advising & Retention (CAAR) are all working remotely and are available to help students plan a year-long schedule that fits your needs and schedule. In addition, our Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership (SAIL) team is preparing a myriad of virtual events to keep you engaged wherever you are. And our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) staff are here to support you as you transition to college life and navigate our current environment.

Scheduling classes with you in mind

While most courses will be offered online, some exceptions may be made for face-to-face classes, such as labs. Course scheduling and offerings are currently in development. Every course will be scheduled as a synchronous meeting pattern (regular meeting days and times). For some courses, there may be an asynchronous component as well. Please consult with your class instructor, department chair, or academic advisor, as they will have the most up to date information as things continue to evolve.

Sutton Hall
A smiling student holds an
Picture: Student reading a book in the library

Maintaining Rigor & Accreditation Standards

Some requirements are in place because of pressure from outside accreditors. We need to be thoughtful to avoid doing harm to a student's ability to be successful down the road. We are actively working with these accrediting bodies to mitigate these impacts. In addition, our Instructional Technology & Design experts are working closely with faculty to ensure courses delivered online are rigorous and adapted accordingly.

Keeping you engaged and connected

We are committed to maintaining a robust college experience both in the residence halls and on our campuses. EWU will follow the state's phased public reopening plan and is committed to offering exciting campus activities, events and social opportunities when it is safe to do so. Virtual programming will continue to be offered until in-person activities can be held.

Internships and practicum placements

We have recently approved some very limited placements for students who are required to have internship or practicum placements to be licensed in the state for allied health care professions. As we move into the summer, we will continue to consult with our own experts on developing criteria and plans that will allow as much flexibility as possible.

Flexible class attendance policies

We understand your situation can change at any time. Many of our students work while attending school, and have other commitments, including caring for family members, serving in the armed forces, or volunteering in the community. We are working with faculty to develop policies for classes that are responsive to student needs in this situation.

Affordable tuition and fees

EWU’s tuition and fees still remain the most affordable in the state and enable us to provide you with the classes, services and resources you need to be successful, regardless of whether the classes are in-person or online. Please note that mandatory student fees are passed by the student body to fund the construction or services that the State of Washington does not fund.  Because the students have elected to assess these fees to the student body for long term financial commitments, these fees cannot be waived.

Non-resident students will continue to pay the full cost of educational delivery. EWU Financial Aid provides a generous WUE waiver to students from WUE states and we encourage non-residents to pursue this waiver option.

All students are encouraged to submit their FAFSA or WASFA, and apply for any additional third-party scholarships and grants to ensure they receive the maximum amount of aid as possible. Emergency financial aid has been made available through the CARES Act.

To support the development and delivery of high-quality online curriculum, while maintaining low costs for individual students, the university is reducing the delivery fee for all fall courses from $35 to $5. Previously, the $35 fee was assessed for those courses that were designed for online delivery.

Living on Campus

We will only offer single rooms for 2020-2021, so you will not be able to share a room with your confirmed roommate. However, we know how much you were all looking forward to living with your roommates, so we will place confirmed roommate pairs next door to each other. We will also be taking building preferences submitted on your housing application into consideration. At this time we are not sure which buildings will be open, but we will do our best to put students into buildings they have requested. Furthermore, our professional cleaning staff is sanitizing bathrooms and common areas daily. We have been doing this throughout spring quarter and we have not had anyone sick on campus!

We will be sending housing assignments out via email (to your Eagles email address) the second week of July.

We are developing a flexible quarter-by-quarter housing option so that students and families can make choices that are right for them and their budget. EWU provides favorable and flexible terms that few, if any, local or regional apartment complexes can or will match.

For 2020-2021 we will offer our regular annual contract, as well as a quarterly contract option. Students that choose the quarterly option will be able to leave at the end of any quarter without termination consequences. The quarterly cost of housing will be $150 higher than an annual contract. Students may decide to join our resident community at any time for a prorated cost and we are committed to a reasonable move-out fee should students and families feel it is best to return home during a term.

We will have two rates, a Standard and Premium rate. Standard rates will be in Anderson, Dressler, Pearce and Streeter. Premium rates will be in Brewster, snyamncut, and Anderson In-Room bathrooms. View room rates.

We always welcome new applicants each quarter. If you don’t want to live on campus for fall, you can still live on campus for winter and spring. Those who wish to do so will join us at the annual rate as long as you plan to live with us for both quarters. If you have already applied and want to change your application to live with us for winter quarter please email us at

Transfer students (with one full year post-high school graduation), students 21 years and older, and students that have lived with us previously are eligible to live in the University Apartments. If you signed up with a roommate in the apartments, you will each have your own bedroom in the apartment you chose. Move-in is available starting September 1.

We understand that some people may have applied for housing before the announcement was made that the live-on requirement would be suspended. Students that applied prior to the announcement and update on our webpage are eligible for a refund of the application fee.

Students should make their housing decision based upon the expectation that all or most classes will be offered online this fall. In order to more accurately project occupancy levels, provide appropriate staffing, and open buildings, we need reliable reservation information. Therefore, cancellation penalties will be enforced. The first cut-off date to cancel without penalty is May 31. Learn more about cancellations.

As the Governor begins the phased rollback of restrictions, EWU will open the campus in accordance with the Governor’s directives. We recognize that study spaces on campus and reliable internet access are critical needs for students and our responses to the Governor’s current phased approach provide opportunities for students to safely access areas on campus to satisfy these needs.

Providing housing for those who need and want it

Housing is open and available to those students who choose to live on campus. It will look a little different than most years, such as all single rooms and a reduced number of buildings open. We have an emergency plan in place in the event of any COVID-19 cases on campus. We will work closely with local and regional health officials to follow best practices.

You are not required to live on campus this year

The live-on requirement has been suspended for the 2020-2021 academic year. You do not need to complete an exception request if you are choosing to live off campus. When considering whether to live on-campus, consider that we can, and will, provide maximum flexibility with our contracts that a typical lease agreement will not be able to provide.

High School Students

Running Start students may qualify for additional financial assistance

Running start students are able to access all of the classes they normally would if that class is available online right now. Running Start students may receive extra financial help thanks to a new grant from the Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC), which supports increased student access to education: The Dual Enrollment Scholarship Pilot Program enables Running Start students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program (FRLP) to have all of their EWU course fees covered. This adds to the benefits already in place for these students: EWU tuition, up to 15 credits each quarter, textbook expenses and bus pass. Learn more.

College in the High School continues

We do not have any indication that CiHS will be different in the fall than it was this Spring. As a partnership with K-12, OSPI may alter the arrangement at some future point but we are planning for “business as unusual” at this point.

Future Student Assistance Virtual EWU

EWU Schoolhouse

Student Veterans

Your VA education benefits work with “Max Flex”

Per recently signed update to VA policy Chapter 33, post-9/11 students will continue receiving the same monthly housing allowance (MHA) payments they received for resident training until Dec. 21, 2020. Your Monthly Housing Allowance will not be affected by taking all online classes if they were scheduled to be a classroom modality. For the most part, SEC 25/27/75 classes are always structured as online so we can not count those as a classroom class. Teaching modality does not affect the monthly stipend for the following VA Education Benefit types: Chapter 30, Chapter 35, and Chapter 1606.

Please follow the instructions to submit the necessary documents to the VRC in order to have your VA Education Benefits processed by the VRC staff.

Veterans Resource Center

ROTC and veterans hold a large American flag on the EWU turf

International Students

International students in F and J status are permitted to take online-only courses under the COVID-19 guidance issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Please enroll full time for Fall term (12 credits undergraduate, 8 credits graduate). Your Immigration Advisor/DSO will document your full-time status based on the number of credits you are taking.

If you decide to remain in the U.S. you will need to maintain a valid address. Students are required to update their addresses within 10 days of a change by updating your “mailing/current” address in EagleNET.

In the very unlikely event that courses are moved from online to face-to-face, the online mode for the course would have to be maintained. If you have moved away from campus, you will still be able to continue in the online mode for the course.

If you plan to take your classes outside the U.S., there are several factors that could affect your immigration record. Please contact your Immigration Advisor/DSO to receive advising. It is also important to consider travel restrictions and travel availability. Make sure you are in communication with your Immigration Advisor/DSO as you make plans to leave the U.S.

In the very unlikely event that courses are moved from online to face-to-face, the online mode for the course would have to be maintained. If you are outside the U.S., you will still be able to continue in the online mode for the course.

Please review the Academic Advising, New Students, and Current Students sections in addition to this section if you are an International Student.

We’re here to help

All staff in The School of Global Learning are currently working remotely. We are available to assist with any questions you have as an international student. Please contact The School of Global Learning staff at for questions about your Form I20, Form DS2019, visa, or travel concerns. We can also answer questions about your immigration documents and how to maintain status during the evolving COVID-19 situation. Guidance from federal agencies and SEVP is changing rapidly during this time so please reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can assist you. If you are concerned about how to return to the U.S., contact your Immigration Advisor/DSO to let them know that you are planning to return. They can answer your questions about travel, visas, entry, and immigration documents.

EWU School of Global Learning

Study Abroad & National Student Exchange

Education Abroad provides options available through EWU with faculty-led programs, exchanges and partnerships with Partner Programs or Partner Institutions. The combination of your options encompasses destinations throughout the world. Our most popular locations include: Australia, Costa Rica, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

For Education Abroad, you will usually pay a course fee to EWU and your tuition/program fee to your host program or school.

These options are at one of our NSE partner universities located throughout the U.S., its territories, as well as Canada. Popular locations include: Alaska, California, Edmonton, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Oregon, New York, Puerto Rico, Quebec and Wyoming.

For NSE, you will likely be able to pay EWU tuition while studying at the campus of another university.

All travel is currently on hold

All EWU travel, including Education Abroad and National Student Exchange, are on hold for the remainder of 2020 due to the pandemic. We are hopeful that 2021 will allow for a return to travel but it is too early to know exactly when travel can resume.

The good news is that it takes time to plan for an amazing experience like this one anyhow.  So, stay home, stay healthy and dream about where you want to go tomorrow.  We are here to help you plan so that you’re able to convert your dreams into action when tomorrow finally arrives again.

For incoming freshmen, the earliest term that you are eligible to travel in the international or domestic program is Summer 2021.

Education Abroad/NSE website

For Our Employees

Our commitment to you

EWU is committed to your health and safety, and will therefore follow the state's phased reopening plan and guidance from public health experts and officials. Public gatherings, face-to-face activities and whether buildings will reopen will be based on these guidelines.

Your health is our top priority

All employees are asked to telework as much as possible until it is safe to resume campus operations. We are working with state guidance to develop our plans for a safe reopening of campus. These plans include masks, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing requirements and methods to ensure that employees and eventually students who return to campus minimize community spread of the disease. The state is recommending that everyone should wear a mask in public and we strongly encourage anyone who is on campus and in contact with others to wear masks.

Getting you to work safely

We are working with Spokane Transit Authority to review their safety protocols, should you need to travel to campus. Please contact the STA if you become aware of any issues or have any concerns.

Staff and Faculty Resources

Retirement plan loans

At this time, EWU retirement plan documents allow withdrawals only from the Voluntary Investment Program. A change in these retirement plan documents would be required to be approved by the BOT and submitted to the IRS. The institution may choose to pursue this if hardships continue longer term.

Your ongoing professional development

Employee tuition waiver benefits are still available for use. Human resources also provides access to LinkedIn Learning ( with more than 1,100 courses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Housing, dining and self-support functions

When students can safely return to campus, we will scale our services appropriately. We do expect permanent shifts in student behavior that may require new models for housing, dining and other self-support functions in the future.

More Updates for Employees

Helping you in and out of the classroom
To help faculty prepare for teaching online this fall, Instructional Technology & Design is partnering with the Faculty Commons to offer focused development sessions in four major areas: course design, accessibility, assessment and engagement. Each Zoom session will last approximately one hour and is designed to assist faculty members as they plan for the summer and fall sessions, while also being applicable to all courses, whether in-person or online. Learn more about the workshops available.
Help with Online Instruction

For Parents & Families

Keeping you connected while they’re away

We know how important it is for family members to stay updated on how the university is supporting EWU students. We will continue to share up-to-date information through our website and quarterly newsletter. Information regarding New Student Orientation and family programming will be shared soon as planning continues for fall.

Please visit our website and subscribe to receive our quarterly newsletter, and be sure to follow our Facebook page. Please know we are here to support you as you continue to support your students attending EWU.

New Student Transitions & Family Programming

EWU employee holds a sign that reads