Sustainability Committee

The University Sustainability Committee is advisory to the President and will provide guidance towards a future that is environmentally responsible, socially just, and economically viable.
Voting Membership:
  • One representative from faculty senate leadership
  • One faculty member per college as nominated by the faculty senate
  • Three classified staff members
  • Two student representatives
  • One dean
  • Two representatives from professional staff
  • One representative from each of the VP areas & President’s Office
  • One representative from athletics

Applications: are currently closed

Scope of Responsibilities

The University Sustainability Committee (USC) is an advisory group consisting of faculty, classified staff, exempt staff, students and administrators.  USC members will aid in guiding the university towards a future that is environmentally responsible, socially just, and economically viable.

This body is advisory to the President and all members shall be appointed by the President based on recommendations from appropriate constituencies. The USC shall facilitate communication regarding the sustainability of EWU in a transparent and informative manner with the university community. The pathway towards a sustainable future will require a collective community voice in identifying challenges and solutions. The USC will collect input from the campus community and use the information to develop recommendations and priorities to increase sustainability in all aspects of university operations. The USC will review university-based sustainability metrics and progress towards compliance with relevant WA state legislation, as well as university strategic plans. Through collection of input, data review, and planning, the USC will work with the President and make recommendations for priority actions that will achieve sustainability goals.

Members are asked to commit to active and engaged participation in the committee’s work. The committee will be chaired by the Director of Sustainability, who will have no voting rights. The Office of Sustainability will staff the committee and maintain minutes and official records of actions. The Sustainability Committee will initially meet quarterly but will add additional meeting times as deemed necessary by committee members.