EWU's Landscape

Campus Landscape Vision

EWU is working on a new campus landscape vision that champions sustainability, climate resiliency, and environmental responsibility. The landscape master plan will reflect a safe, resilient, historic, cultural, and attractive esthetic that will serve as an educational resource while demonstrating the values of EWU. View Proposed Landscape Vision Boards

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Landscape Vision

Improve Sustainability

  • Create an environment supportive of Green Technologies across campus
  • Develop and strengthen sustainable practices on campus
  • Support and enhance Palouse Prairie habitat
  • Provide a hierarchy of campus complexity

Commuter Safety

  • Improve infrastructure for increased accessibility, safety, and reduced impact on the environment
  • Improve bicycle-pedestrian circulation and crossings
  • Define and highlight building entrances and outdoor rooms
  • Provide an accessible, safe, and welcoming campus

Strengthen Cultural Heritage

  • To uphold good stewardship of historic, natural and cultural resources
  • To enhance existing sites that are historically significant through association with significant individuals, student groups, or programs with rejuvenated landscapes for current and future use
  • Integrate natural areas into the campus core with naturalistic connections to promote a greater appreciation of natural areas

Enhance Stormwater Management

  • To protect water quality and aquatic habitats by reducing water pollution, preventing flooding, and treating storm-water as a resource
  • Promote storm-water harvesting practices to reduce the demands on water systems for irrigation
  • Re-establish connections between fragmented natural habitat
  • Improve infrastructure in facilities

Support Academics and Involvement

  • To strengthen campus identity and values by creating areas for meaningful learning environments
  • Foster an understanding of sustainability through education, communication, and research
  • Enhance prairie access for learning, research, and recreation

Sustainable Maintenance Practices

  • Collaborate with maintenance staff to develop innovative maintenance and operations best practices
  • Develop and implement campus wide standards for landscape construction, irrigation and planting
  • Increase irrigation efficiency

Enhance Climate Resiliency

  • Reduce high maintenance landscapes to decrease irrigation efforts
  • Minimize heat island effect
  • Increase biodiversity on campus

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Demonstrating a Sustainability Future

An opportunity to highlight EWU’s sustainable and climate resiliency strategies

Improve pedestrian/ bicycle crossings

Shade paved areas and walkways

Informational Signage

Reduce Non-Essential Lawn

Pollinator-Supporting plants

Stormwater Management