The ability to communicate in Spanish is becoming increasingly important in the country and is a valued skill in competition for better job opportunities. Today, Spanish, as much as English, is the language of the Americas. There are 400 million Spanish speakers between Spain and Latin America and the Spanish population is growing fast. In the United States alone, there are 40 million speakers of Spanish. We offer program options to help you learn the language and become a more effective communicator.

Why Study Spanish at Eastern?

We are committed to excellence and student success.

Study Abroad

Take advantage of study abroad opportunities in Salamanca, Spain.

Get Qualified to Teach

Several of our degree options will prepare you to teach Spanish in grades K-12.

Build Your Resumé

Spanish speakers are in high demand by employers in the area.

Careers in Spanish

Earning a degree or minor in Spanish from Eastern Washington University leads to many career opportunities:

Bilingual Educator

Court Interpreter

Foreign Service Officer

International Relations Consultant

Travel Agent

ACTFL Testing for Teacher Candidates

  1. The Oral Proficiency Interview is an approximately 30-minute telephone interview with a Certified ACTFL Tester. It costs $159.00.
    The Oral Proficiency Interview by computer is a test of speaking performance recorded via computer lasting up to 45 minutes. It costs $105.00 and can only be done at a testing center.
  2. The Writing Proficiency Test is a standardized computer-based writing test. The test takes 80 minutes and costs $105.00. Candidates can choose a booklet option instead.

Once the rating of your test is completed, you can view the test results and print an Official ACTFL Proficiency Certificate on your LTI account. Test results will automatically be reported by LTI to the Washington DOE.

Teacher candidates for Bilingual Education and/or World Languages endorsements must pass the ACTFL oral and writing language proficiency tests through Language Testing International (LTI). Eastern Washington University is one of the testing sites serving the state of Washington.

Washington has set the following speaking and writing proficiency requirements:

  • Advanced Mid-Level for Bilingual Education
  • Advanced Low-Level for World Languages

A testing session is organized for the first Friday of every month (except August). Tests are proctored by faculty in Patterson Hall 216. After registering for your tests with LTI, please contact Natalia Ruiz-Rubio at to let her know about your upcoming tests.

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