Honors Program

An inclusive community dedicated to community engagement, civic responsibility, and social justice, locally and globally.


At Eastern Washington University, the Honors Program, a community of scholars, focuses on developing and empowering students to become leaders in using their intellectual passions to generate innovatively and socially just solutions to the local, regional, and global challenges of the 21st century.

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Goals for an EWU Honors Education

Critical, Analytical, and Creative Thinking

Effective and Articulate Oral and Written Communication

Discipline-Appropriate Research Skills

Leadership, civic responsibility, and social justice

Our Core Values

Through an engaging curriculum, we seek to develop and enhance the academic skills, intellectual curiosity, and commitment to lifelong learning of each student.

We seek to create a shared sense of belonging that explores both the benefits and responsibilities of being a part of a community. Our concept of community applies to not just the Honors Program, but also to EWU, the Eastern Washington region, and beyond.

We believe leadership is an intentionally collaborative process built on the values of individuals working to create positive social change. Rather than a position, we foster leadership that is about choosing actions that create desired change for a better future.

We provide opportunities for students to be civically active and engaged participants in their communities with a strong commitment and responsibility to work with others towards public purposes.

We encourage Honors students to explain the root causes of injustice, discuss effective methods for preventing and responding to injustice, evaluate the implications of different ethical perspectives, and reflect on their own attitudes and beliefs based on experiences with people and communities different from their own.

We encourage Honors students to engage in research in their various disciplines to generate innovative approaches that promote a more just and equitable community.

Benefits of the Honors Program

  • Classes are small, typically 15-20 students, and are taught by excellent faculty
  • Attentive and resourceful staff and faculty will help you navigate challenges while in college
  • Study abroad and other travel opportunities
  • Undergraduate research opportunities that prepare you for graduate school
  • Co-curricular activities to support learning outside the classroom
  • Comfortable and cozy Honors Lounge to eat lunch, meet with other students or faculty, or pick up a book to read
  • Scholarships Opportunities

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To apply for the Honors Program, select the dropdown menu when going through the EWU Application process and answer two short essay questions.

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More Information

To learn more about the Honors program and what we have to offer, head on over to our FAQ page.


Student Experiences

Learn More About Previous EWU Honors Students Experiences

Adrienne Whitehead

Alexandra Franks

“I graduated magna cum laude, and earned honors ad maxima valorem. I was a graduate assistant (GSA) for two years, which I was told is a rare accomplishment in the psychology department.

Kristen Zangar

“A month before graduation in May I was offered a therapist position at my internship site Frontier Behavioral Health Child & Family. I am now working there full time as a child therapist.”

Kyla Evans

Andrea Murray

“Since graduation from EWU, I have been working at a public accounting firm in Portland, OR.

I have had the opportunity to coordinate our recruiting events and in-office interviews. My sister and I both loved the honor’s program and greatly appreciated the fact we had to take less entry-level classes.”

Joseph Kersh

“I was accepted to a month-long physical therapy internship at the Rusk Rehabilitation Center this coming summer. The Rusk Rehabilitation Center is located at New York University¹s Langone Medical Center in downtown New York City. Rusk Rehabilitation is ranked in the top 10 rehabilitation hospitals in the United States.

This hospital specializes in neurological rehabilitation for spinal and brain injuries, as well as for neurological disability rehab. This is exciting for me, as this is the field of physical therapy that I wish to specialize in.