Upcoming Course Schedule

Fall Quarter 2021

17039PLAN 1005The CityMTWRF9-9:50 a.m.Anderson
17040PLAN 2015Intro to Urban & Regional PlanningMW1-3:20 p.m. Scully
17041PLAN 3754Tribal GovernanceW6-9:50 p.m. Tovey
17727PLAN 4002Professional Practiceweekend class TBDTBDWright
17179PLAN 4025Planning ImplementationMW1:10-3:30 p.m.Wright
17042PLAN 4313Environmental ReviewM6-8:50 p.m.Tovey
17043PLAN 4505Transportation PlanningTR1:10-3:30 p.m.Scully
17044PLAN 4644GIS for Urban and Regional PlanningTR4-5:50 p.m.Scully
PLAN 496 (to be 405]5Graphic PresentationMW9-9:20 a.m.Brooks
17735PLAN 5002Planning Practiceweekend class TBDTBDWright
17047PLAN 5015Foundations of PlanningTR1-3:20 p.m.Anderson
17048PLAN 5035Planning Methods IMW9-11:20 a.m.Brooks
17178PLAN 5065Planning Methods IIIMW1-3:30 p.m.Brooks
17200PLAN 5234Tribal GovernanceW6-9:50 p.m.Tovey
17051PLAN 5515Transportation PlanningTR1:10-3:30 p.m.Scully
17050PLAN 5654GIS for Urban and Regional PlanningTR4-5:50 p.m.Scully
16977PLAN 5713Environmental ReviewM6-8:50 p.m.Tovey
PLAN 5951-10Graduate InternshipArrangedArranged
PLAN 6011-15Research ProjectArrangedArranged

Winter Quarter 2021 – Tentative

This schedule is tentative. Please consult your advisor.

PLAN 1005The CityMTWRF9-9:50 a.m.Anderson
PLAN 4035Community Facilities PlanningMW3:00-5:20 PMScully
PLAN 4045Planning Methods IITR9:00-11:30 AMScully
PLAN 4065Planning Law and LegislationMW1:00-3:30 PMHill
PLAN 4075Community DevelopmentTR1-3:20 p.m.Hill
PLAN 4354Planning, Politics, and Public PolicyR6:00-9:30 PMHill
PLAN 4423Sustainable CommunitiesM6:00-9:00 PMAnderson
PLAN 4702Community ParticipationR6-7:50 p.m.Brooks
PLAN 4951 to 10Planning InternshipArrangedArranged
PLAN 5025Advanced Community DevelopmentTR1:00-3:20 PMAnderson
PLAN 5045Methods IITR9:00-11:30 AMScully
PLAN 5055Planning Law & LegislationMW1:00-3:20 PMHill
PLAN 5075Adv Planning StudioMW1-3:20 PMBrooks
PLAN 5103Community Facilities PlanningMW3:30-5:50 PMScully
PLAN 5354Planning, Politics, and Public PolicyR6:00-9:30 PMHill
PLAN 5453Sustainable CommunitiesM6:00-9:00 PMAnderson
PLAN 5951 to 10Planning InternshipArrangedArranged
PLAN 6015Research ProjectArrangedArranged