Afropolitanism: Expressing Black Joy

January 31, 2024

In honor of Black History Month February 2024, Eastern Washington University’s Africana Studies presents: Afropolitanism: Expressing Black Joy

Africana Studies has partnered with departments and programs across campus to offer a wide range of events throughout the month with plenty of opportunities to learn and connect with the campus community.

Join us at any of the upcoming events:

Those needing accommodations should email Angela Schwendiman

Afrobeats & Hip-Hop
Masterclass with Urban Culture of Spokane on African Dance
Thursday, February 1st | Noon – 1pm | PUB NCR

Observe a masterclass with Kiara “KiKi” White on traditional West African and African American dances featuring music from Nigeria, Ghana, the United Kingdom, and the United States – or get on the dance floor, bust a move, and join the fun!

Why Recognize Proteins When Fats Taste So Good?
Presentation by Dr. Dequina Nicholas 
Friday, February 2nd | 2 – 3pm | JFK Library Auditorium

Learn more about Dr. Nicholas’s (University of California, Irvine) research, which explores the intersection between the nutrient environment, the immune system, and metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. Brought to you by the EWU Board of Trustees Diversity Initiative Grant – ‘Diversifying EWU STEM through the Science and Stories of Marginalized Communities’

Local Black Artists on Display!
Featuring Robert “Bob” Lloyd (EWU Art Professor Emeritus), Amber Hoit, and Tracy Pindexter-Canton
Tuesday, February 6th | 12 – 1:30pm | PUB NCR
Join us for a Q&A session at 12:30pm

Enjoy the rich artistry of Bob Lloyd and other creative artists who interpret the African American experience in its majesty and range of beauty. Listen as they share their stories of inspiration, how they define their artistic expression, and reveal the legacy they hope to leave behind.

Food From the Diaspora
Brought to you by Spokane’s Feast World Kitchen
Thursday, February 8th | 12-1:30pm | PUB NCR

Taste the flavorful, authentic spices and aromas of Ethiopian and West African cuisine brought to you from native chefs from Spokane’s Feast World Kitchen. Enjoy food from the diaspora!

  • Siga Wot – spicy (beef with potato) cooked with avocado oil & clarified butter
  • Kiki Wot not spicy, cooked clarified butter
  • Lentil Wot, (misir), vegetarian dish cooked with avocado oil (vegan)
  • Marinated Chicken
  • Rice with vegetable and curry and turmeric
  • Baklava walnut, pistachio, clarified butter
  • Injera (bread) and salad

From African Immigrants, Black, to African American – Personal Journeys to Discovering Black Identity
Presented by BSU Student Panel
Thursday, February 15th | Noon – 1pm | JFK Auditorium

Hear from Eastern’s BSU students as they share the challenges, nuances, and complexities of self-acceptance and group acceptance within Black communities from the African immigrant, Black, and African American perspectives.

Black Maternal Health – Girl, Get a Doula!
Presentation with Stephanie Courtney
Tuesday, February 20th | Noon – 1:30pm | Tawanka 215

Laugh, enjoy, and engage in wonderful conversation as Stephany Courtney tackles serious health issues that plague Black maternal health and focuses on helping BIPOC women obtain health equity and social justice.

Recognizing Eastern’s Tenured Black Professors
A Historical Tribute Ceremony
Thursday, February 22nd | Noon – 1pm | Hargreaves Reading Room 201

Long time coming but finally arriving, we congratulate and honor the efforts of some of our valiant tenured Black professors whose contributions have impacted students, shaped minds, and left lasting impressions on the annals of academia and time.

Realizing Authentic Black Identity at Eastern Washington University
Presentation with Angela Schwendiman
Tuesday, February 27th | Noon – 1pm | Patterson 126

Join an open discussion as we explore removing the mask and becoming our authentic selves as Black, diasporic people undergoing a transformation of self, embracing an emerging consciousness, and expressing appreciation and joy in Black identity development. How do we experience it and how do we support others in their journey to self-acceptance?

Presidents Dialogue on Diversity
Presentation with Dr. China Jude
Wednesday, February 28th | Noon – 1pm| Hargreaves Reading Room 201

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Afropolitan Projects and Diasporic Cultural Politics: Context, Contest, and Connections
Presentation with Dr. Anima Adjepong
Thursday, February 29th | Noon – 1pm | Showalter 109
Zoom option available

Dr. Adjepong examines the diverse cultural and transnational strategies through which Ghanaians position themselves as citizens of the world. The Afropolitan is a politic, identity, and aesthetic that insists on elevating Africa’s place on a global stage. Afropolitan Projects demonstrate how the politics of race, class, gender, and sexuality shape the way an increasingly class-privileged cohort of Africans connect with others on the continent and in the diaspora.