Cross-Collaboration at Its Best

A student stands near a woodcut print exhibit outdoors

A faculty-led student project was presented this past April at the 2018 Rocky Mountain Printmaking Conference in Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho—hosted by University of Idaho (U of I) and Washington State University (WSU). The project entailed the showcasing of EWU student artwork from six students in the ART 396 Unconventional Printmaking course. This was a unique opportunity, as it was a collaboration from three colleges: CALE, CSTEM, and CSS, and represented multiple disciplines. Adjunct Reinaldo Gil Zambrano created the “Unconventional Printmaking” course with this project in mind. The focus was to make art that could be displayed in unconventional places (think street art). For this course, EWU students carved out large woodblocks, inked/printed designs on paper, trimmed their works and pasted/installed three murals in public spaces.

The mural shown above was hung on the EWU campus near the Computing & Engineering Building (CEB).