English Student Spotlight: Drew Larson

June 2, 2020 By Sam Buzby

English Student Spotlight:
Drew Larson
BA in Journalism: News Editorial
BS in Journalism: Public Relations
2020 CALE Dean’s Student Excellence Award Recipient

Photo of Drew Larson

Drew Larson is a student with a BA in Journalism, News Editorial Emphasis and the BS in Journalism, with a Public Relations Emphasis; he graduates in June, 2020.

How is the English program at Eastern shaping who you are as a professional?

I’ve been able to gain practical experience in the journalism department while learning key skills I need to enter the field successfully. I’ve been able to improve as a writer, designer, team leader and develop fringe skills in photography and other multimedia work. I’ve also learned a lot about the world of journalism, its set of ethics and a lot of keys to being a good reporter. 

What projects have you worked on that you would like to highlight?

Currently, I’m co-managing editor of The Easterner along with Malati Powell. I’m also the sports editor, a position I’ve held for this school year. I became co-managing editor at the beginning of winter quarter. Right now we are running The Easterner remotely, holding staff meetings through Zoom and communicating through the process of putting out solely digital content. Under our leadership, our staff grew from four people to 12 contributing students. 

I got my feet wet at The Easterner as a sports reporter last year, so I’ve been in sports coverage for almost two years. That’s been a great experience where I’ve gotten to cover basically every athletic sector at EWU you could imagine, from football to men’s basketball to the ice skating club. 

How have your EWU experiences shaped you?

I’ve become a more professional and forthright person during my time at college. I’ve learned to lead an organization and discovered a lot of the hidden responsibilities that come with a management position. I’ve also been able to more clearly define what I’d like to do for my career. 

What important lessons or tips do you have for future students?

Definitely work for The Easterner! It’s considered professional experience in the Journalism program, and you can get paid while getting your work published. It is experience in a real newsroom that you can’t get anywhere else on campus. Also, try not to procrastinate too much, or you could miss deadlines. The AP Stylebook really is your best friend.

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had at EWU and the many former students and current faculty at The Easterner who have mentored and guided me along the way.