English Student Spotlight: Grace Wahlman

May 18, 2020 By Sam Buzby

Student Spotlight:
Grace Wahlman
BA in Technical Communication
2020 Francis B. Huston Medallion Recipient

Photo of Grace Wahlman

Grace Wahlman is a student in the BA in Technical Communication program, and she graduates June 2020.

What projects have you worked on that you would like to highlight?

Currently I write and edit freelance, which is something I’d be interested in doing as a career. Last summer I got to intern at Family Promise of Spokane, where I interviewed families experiencing homelessness and wrote their stories. I have also worked in numerous projects throughout my college career, such as building a webpage for Eastern’s Prairie Restoration Project, which was an awesome experience.

How have your EWU experiences shaped you?

My experiences have made me a more passionate writer and communicator, not only in advocating for myself but in becoming a voice for others as well. Working in the nonprofit world in my internships has opened my eyes to how I can use my education, skills and gifts to help others.

What important lessons or tips do you have for future students?

Be passionate and curious. Be a lifelong learner. Have a genuine thirst for knowledge. Be willing to learn and have an open mind. Take advantage of the opportunities you are given as a TCOM student – they are abundant and so beneficial!

Is there anything else you would like to share with readers?

Be open, be kind and be honest. These will serve you well in any career or experience.