English Student Spotlight: Raghda Al Hmeyrat

May 29, 2020 By Sam Buzby
Raghda Al Hmeyrat

Student Spotlight:
Raghda Al Hmeyrat
M.A. Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Photo of Raghda Al HmeyratRaghda Al Hmeyrat is a graduate student in the MA in English with Emphasis in Rhetoric and Technical Communication Program. She graduates in June 2020.

Do you have any exciting projects that you are currently working on or past projects that you want to highlight for our readers?

I really enjoyed creating instruction guides for the Eastern Writers’ Center for Eastern students.  In that project, I created instructions on how students could interact and use the Writer’s Center website to access and use the Writers’ Center’s services.  

Another project that I enjoyed creating that was very personal to me was a video informing people of the 2019 Iraqi Revolution.  I used my skills in audio and video production to relay an important message to my community with that project.

How have your EWU experiences shaped you?

Teaching for the English program has built my confidence in who I am and has allowed me to push myself much harder than I had during my undergraduate education. It helped me become a stronger person.  When your profession helps you become a better person, that’s when you know you are in the right place with the right people.

The English program has given me skills in teaching, communication, instructional writing, editing and public speaking.  It has made me realize what I want to pursue for my career, and what skills I want to keep working on after I graduate, especially in the area of instructional writing.

What important lessons or tips do you have for future students?

Stay on top of everything in your classes and do not get behind, because it is so easy to get behind in your work.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors and your classmates if you need help.  Enjoy your process of learning and don’t rush it.  Really enjoy the process.

Are there any other concluding thoughts you have before we wrap up this interview?

I want to thank all the professors from the English Composition and RTC program for giving me the opportunity to grow as a person. Now that I am almost done with the program, I feel more confident in the future and in pursuing a career of my interests, like working on instructional videos or teaching English as a Second Language.