Celebration of Scholarly Works

2024 Organizers and Awardees

Students standing in front of their winning poster
Carlee Kopp, Kataryna Deaton, Vanessa Mendez, and Megan Yorlano
Three students in front of their presentation at the scholarly works
Caption (left to right): Occupational therapy students Maria Rios, Taya DeFrance and Helen Robinette received the Provost’s Award.

The CHSPH Celebration of Scholarly Works took place at the SIERR building in Spokane on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. Research posters and scholarly works were on display, where faculty, students and guests had the opportunity to visit and view scholarly works from Communication Sciences and Disorders, Dental Hygiene, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Public Health. The event was a great success that provided exciting opportunities for EWU authors, students and guests to share and learn about research and community projects produced from CHSPH.

Three students in front of their presentation at the scholarly works
Caption (left to right): Occupational therapy students Krista Unangst, Jess Jadin and Sonja Henderson received the Dean’s Award.

A special thank you to faculty and/or judges: Drs. Donna Bachand, Ann Wetmore, Kaylynn Garrison, Wendy Holmes, Lorie Speer, Laurie Morley, Brian Donahue and Lindsay Williams for their time and expertise in reviewing and scoring all submissions. Thank you to the event planners and organizers, Interim Dean David Bowman, Assistant Dean Brian Donahue, Special Assistant to the Dean Ann Wetmore, College Financial Officer Rose Knight and Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean Michele Thompson, for their dedicated efforts in making this event possible. Finally, a special thank you to the following individuals and their teams for all their support and hard work: Brent Seeberger and the EWU trucking team; Samantha Stragier from event planning; Aaron Brenton, interim executive assistant; Leslie Swannack, administrative assistant; Partners at Emerald Initiative; Emily Crawford and Jenna McDonald from AHEC, and Greg Eastman from CMSD.

Four students in front of their presentation at the scholarly works
Caption (left to right): Occupational therapy students Sydney Brownlee, Taylor Kenney, Lindsay Smith and Alaina Hines received the President’s Award.

Congratulations to the Celebration of Scholarly Works Award Winners!

Education Impact Award: Samantha Siems from CSMD; Project Title: School-Based Speech Language Pathologists’ Confidence of Return to Learn Protocol in Childhood Concussion.

Critically Appraised Topics: Shannon Gillespie, Katherine Ayerdis, Shannon Posey from OCTH; Project Title: The Impact of Music on Agitation in Dementia Patients: A Critical Appraisal.

Dean’s Award: Krista Unangst, Sonja Henderson, Jessica Jadin from OCTH; Project Title: A Holistic Approach to Education: A Focus Group.

Provost’s Award: Taya DeFrance, Maria Rios, Helen Robinette from OCTH; Project Title: Occupational Therapy and Dating for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Scoping Review.

Undergraduate Scholarly Work Award: Kataryna Deaton, Carlee Kopp, Vanessa Mendez, Megan Yorlano from DNHY; Project Title: Oil Pulling: Do or Don’t?

Work in Progress Award: Leah Walters from PHHA; Project Title: Nutritional Health Relationships between Cats and their Owners.

Faculty Research Award: Joel Sattgast, Brittany Grant, John Fox from PHTH; Project Title: Knee Mobility Demands Minimally Impacted Following Step Rate Changes in the Recreational Runner.

Graduate Scholarly Work Award: Kelsey Gonwick, Alyssa Gonzalez from CMSD; Project Title: A National Survey of General Ed Elementary Teachers Knowledge and Perceptions of Interprofessional Collaboration with SLP’s.

Interprofessional Impact Award: Marissa Ribeiro from CMSD; Project Title: A Survey of AAC Preservice Training for SLP, PT, OT, and Nursing Students for Future Work with Patients with Complex Communication Needs: An Interprofessional Educational Opportunity.

President’s Award: Sydney Brownlee, Alaina Hines, Taylor Kenney, Lindsay Smith from OCTH; OT’s Role in Treating Individuals Experiencing Homelessness: A Community Engaged Project.

Five students in front of their presentation at the scholarly works
Caption (left to right): Senior dental hygiene students Charlotte Auguston, Kyah Symon, Svetlana Susina, Simona Mateas and Rachel Neher.