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The College of Health Science and Public Health at Eastern Washington University is educating the next generation of health care providers in our community. Focused on graduating health care professionals who are professionally, intellectually, and ethically prepared to meet the health care challenges of society, the College offers nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate education.

Each year, the College graduates approximately 200 students, including more than 140 in direct clinical care roles. The majority of these graduates stay in the Spokane region to work in hospitals, clinics, provider offices and schools—serving our community. Accomplishing that mission requires your participation and there are many ways you can help.

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Receiving a scholarship can have a tremendous impact, lessening the burden of tuition costs and giving access to higher education for students of all income levels. Students with scholarships have more time to focus on their studies rather than working to finance their education; this is especially true for students in Health Science programs which have practicum requirements that are unconducive to working. With more than 6,500 students at EWU who have financial needs that could be met by scholarship, donors can make a direct impact on students’ success.

Community-Based Learning Opportunities

The health care industry is increasingly collaborative, working across disciplines to achieve outcomes for patients. It is essential that students do the same to improve their professional skills as well as their interprofessional connections. Events where students come together to serve the community, such as the EWU Veterans Health Care Event and others, better prepare students and provide a needed service for our community. Donations to support these learning opportunities directly offset the costs of the services provided at these collaborative community-focused service events.

Support Community-Based Learning

Educational Equipment Enhancement

Educational equipment constantly needs upgrades and enhancements, especially in the health sciences where the pace of technological change is rapid. Updated equipment for student learning helps create a career-ready workforce for tomorrow’s health care needs and serve the most vulnerable members of our community who often receive services through the dental hygiene, PT/OT and speech therapy clinics where this equipment is used.

Para Sports Wheelchair Basketball

EWU has established a wheelchair basketball team that is a member of the National Wheelchair Basketball Association along with eleven other universities. This co-ed team aligns with EWU’s key values and will create immeasurable opportunities for students with disabilities to participate in organized sports at the collegiate level. While EWU has training and practice facilities and has invested in specialized wheelchair basketball chairs, the need remains for support of the team for coaching, technical support, uniforms and travel for competition.

Support Adaptive Athletics

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For more information about the College of Health Science and Public Health and opportunities to support our mission, download our College Fact Sheet.