Dental Hygiene

We provide students the skills necessary to function in interprofessional teams, in a constantly changing society.

Improving the health & well-being of our community.

The Department of Dental Hygiene is committed to developing programs that promote collaboration with other professionals for the health and well-being of a diverse society. Our students receive hands-on learning opportunities in our industry-standard working clinic while helping people of all ages, from all communities. To contact us about studying at EWU, please email

To make an appointment at our clinic, please call us at 509.828.1300.

Professional Roles for Dental Hygienists

Earning a BSDH or an MSDH in Dental Hygiene from Eastern leads to exciting career opportunities:


Become an administrator with Kellie Whitcomb

Clinical Dental Hygiene

Is Dental Hygiene for me?

Corporate Sales and Corporate roles

EWU can prepare you for Corporate role with Megan Lea

Dental Education

Clinical Education with Mary Conley


Your degree can take you places Sarah Hornsby

Public Health

Working with the Public Health Department with Katie Gluckert


Working with the Surgeon General with Jessica Scruggs


Being an advocate with Camille Luke

Advocacy for the Dental Hygienist

Own your own business

Being part of a coalition with Robin Roderick

The mission of the Department of Dental Hygiene is to prepare culturally sensitive future leaders in the dental hygiene profession to provide competent, compassionate care and assume positions of responsibility and leadership in the professional roles of the dental hygienist. The department promotes a positive and rewarding academic environment that fosters innovation and collaboration for students, faculty and staff.

Be an international model for oral healthcare education that prepares tomorrow’s healthcare leaders who contribute to global research, advocate for change and transform the profession.

  • Our clinic delivers the equivalent of almost $500,000 in quality, low-cost dental care every year. We serve indigent, low income and underserved and noninsured populations in the Spokane area.
  • We provide preventive dental hygiene treatment annually for almost 5,084 patients. Last year we served 1,878 senior citizens, 118 children and 3,088 adults. We saw 1,576 public assistance patients and 159 Delta Dental of Washington patients in 2017. We treated 14 Recovering Smiles patients.
  • We provide low-cost, quality restorative dental services to over 1,126 patients annually.
  • Each year, we provide high-quality caries preventive services. We apply topical fluorides to most patients, fluoride varnish to nearly 1,000 patients and sealants to around 50 patients.
  • Collaboration
  • Ethics
  • Innovation
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Positive Mindset
  • Professionalism
  • Respect
Smiling group of new graduates
Graduates at commencement pose with Swoop
Students work in the dental hygiene clinic

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"Increase awareness of and access to quality oral health care."


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