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The Department of Wellness and Movement Sciences is committed to enhancing the quality of life through the promotion of wellness. We offer degree programs that will prepare you to become a productive and contributing member of a modern-day workforce.

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Carmen Schluter is pursuing her Master of Science in Physical Education, with an emphasis in Exercise Science. She has enjoyed how the program has allowed her to work with a lot of different faculty members to see different styles of teaching and build long-lasting connections.

Careers in Wellness & Movement Sciences

Earning a degree or minor in Wellness and Movement Sciences from Eastern leads to many career opportunities:

Cardiac Rehabilitation


K-12 Teacher

Non-Profit Agencies

Parks & Resorts

Sports Medicine Clinic

WAMS Mission, Vision, and Values


The WAMS Department is committed to enhancing quality of life through the promotion of wellness. Our mission is accomplished by educating students who are professionally and academically prepared and dedicated to addressing the wellness of a diverse society in a variety of environments.


The WAMS Department values professionalism, passion, and commitment in the classroom and to our respective fields. The department strives to incorporate wellness, balance, and a healthy, active lifestyle into our personal lives. The WAMS department aspires for its students to uphold the values of professionalism, excellence, passion, and commitment to their chosen careers, while maintaining a lifestyle of balance, activity, and wellness.


The WAMS Department will strive to become one of the premier programs within the region. This will require significantly improving our facilities, enhancing the coordination of student-centered department programs, encouraging more collaboration between the Department and the greater university community, and increasing the number of our faculty. Facilities and technology resources will be upgraded to a state-of-the-art level and maintained to provide comprehensive instruction in all departmental programs. The Department will remain committed to continuous strengthening and expansion of our undergraduate and graduate programs. This will be achieved through the design, delivery and assessment of high quality courses and student centered programs using strategic enrollment management as a guiding principle. A more global approach will be taken by infusing a community dimension throughout undergraduate and graduate curricula and by promoting research initiatives among colleagues within the university community and institutions in the region. The Department will increase faculty to meet additional demands. The faculty will continue to build upon their scholarship records involving both basic and applied research, while effectively integrating teaching, research, and service. Faculty will actively engage in the procurement of internal and external funds and projects as they strive to become the regional resource center for matters relating to wellness.