Craft Beer Industry Professional Certificate

The Craft Beer Industry Professional Certificate is designed to educate and enhance the knowledge and practical skills of students and provide professional development for the greater community in craft beer while supporting and advancing the growth of the local and global craft beer industry and tourism economy. The program, to launch in the Fall 2022, creates opportunities for students and community members who want to pursue careers in the craft beer industry.

Why the Professional Certificate is Right for You
The Craft Beer Industry Professional Certificate is designed for anyone interested in entering the craft beer industry or looking to expand their personal and professional knowledge and understanding of craft beer.  A person completing the certificate will increase or advance their opportunity to work in the craft beer industry in areas such as production, service, hospitality, tourism, distribution, supply chains, entrepreneurship, communication, marketing, event management, graphic design, entertainment and other areas.

For more information, contact Chris Cindric at or 509.359.4535.

Curriculum & Requirements Suggested Schedule

International Beer Competition Win

EWU beer

This is the “first-ever” international brewing medal achieved by an American university or college and a brewery. The beer is proudly named, E Dubbel U, in honor of the EWU Eagle mascot and is a double Belgium ale. Read the article.

About the Certificate

Obtaining a certificate in this field offers distinct advantages, such as gaining in-depth knowledge about brewing processes, mastering event planning skills, and opening doors to opportunities in brewery sales and marketing.

Curriculum and Requirements (15 credits)

• The curriculum is designed so a student can complete the requirements in 9-12 months.
• Classes are held in the evening and/or weekends and include field trips to local breweries, tap-houses, malt houses and farms.
• Brewing takes place at No-Li Brewhouse.
• RCLS 301 is the first course in the series and is a prerequisite for RCLS 407.
• Students must be 18 years of age for RCLS 301 and 373.
• Students must be 21 years of age for RCLS 407, 350 and 351.

RCLS 301 Overview of the Craft Beer Industry Fall2 credits
RCLS 373Craft Beer Evaluation and Service Winter3 credits
RCLS 407Essentials of Brewing Spring3 credits
RCLS 270Diversity and Social Justice Online2 credits
Choose one of the following: Must be 21 years of age!
RCLS 350Recreation PracticumCraft Beer Industry 5 credits
RCLS 351Field Practicum Craft Beer Industry 5 credits

The Craft Beer Industry Professional Certificate courses will do the following:

  • Articulate the historical development of beer and the history and characteristics of beer styles by country and region.
  • Explain parameters that define an American Craft Brewer and the primary government, professional and special interest groups involved.
  • Identify common beer ingredients, sustainable supply chains and understand the role that access to local ingredients plays in the growth of craft beer.
  • Demonstrate elements of keeping and storing beer, proper service of beer from draft systems and various containers, and proper cleaning and sanitation.
  • Identify quantitative and qualitative style parameters of beer and fundamental flavors and aromas in beer, including general beer flavors associated with malt, hops, and yeast in relation to style, as well as common off-flavors.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the brewing process including the use of equipment, tools, ingredients and recipe development along with yeast and fermentation, cleaning, sanitation, and packaging.
  • Critically evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion issues and opportunities within the craft beer industry.


Industry Partners

Industry partners support the program in many ways, including guest lectures, facility tours and demonstrations, student practicums, internships, jobs, fundraising collaborations and financial contributions.


Mountain Lakes Brewery
Inland Ale Works
humble abode brewing
badass backyard brewing
cold stream malt & grain co
northstar taps
linc malt
precious things

We are looking for craft beer professionals who are interested in becoming some of the first to partner with Eastern’s Craft Beer Industry Professional Certificate Program. If you are interested in participating contact us.

Brewery Partnership

No-Li brew house logo
Spokane’s very own No-Li Brewhouse owners, John and Cindy Bryant, made a $10,000 gift on behalf of their business, and its 84 employees, to help launch the Craft Beer Industry Professional Certificate at Eastern.

The No-Li culture is built upon a shared passion for artisan craft brewing and a commitment to support each other and provide opportunities for others.

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For additional information or to enroll in the program contact:
Chris Cindric

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