Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science


The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science Program will prepare you for success. In the program, you’ll study anatomy and physiology, mechanical kinesiology, nutrition, and first aid. You’ll also gain an understanding of exercise physiology and have the opportunity to work toward different certifications. Depending on your future goals, you’ll choose a specific emphasis track and get hands-on experience in that area.

We have the Jack R. Leighton Human Performance Laboratory where qualified students are given the opportunity to interact and counsel clients of varied ages and physical abilities or be involved in research. Laboratory experiences include such things as the administration of exercise tolerance tests, exercise prescription, nutrition information and body composition analysis.

For more information, or to declare your major, contact the Exercise Science Program Director, Katie Taylor, PhD at or 509.359.4539.

Curriculum & Requirements Suggested Schedule

Curriculum & Requirements

Exercise Science Major, Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science offers four tracks and prepares students to work in a variety of health, fitness, wellness, and sports performance environments.  Our exercise science track prepares students to work with a range of populations including the general population (i.e., apparently healthy) in commercial fitness and corporate wellness centers, populations with chronic diseases in clinical facilities, and athletes in sports performance settings.  Our pre-professional tracks prepare students to apply to graduate programs in allied health care.  While our pre-professional tracks are specific to athletic training, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, an increasing number of students use the extensive science requirements to prepare for applications to other programs in allied health care including chiropractic, nursing, and physician’s assistant.  The degree also lays a strong foundation for graduate degrees in kinesiology and related fields.  The course work prepares students to pursue certifications from esteemed organizations in the industry including American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Declaration Requirements for Exercise Science and Pre-AT

Declaration Requirements for Pre-OT, and Pre-PT

Note for all students

  • all four options require additional courses to complete the general education requirement;
  • completion of any one of the four options as shown will not guarantee completion of 60 credits of upper-division credits;
  • students should work with their advisor to select appropriate courses or minor.
Declaration Requirements for Exercise Science and Pre-AT
must complete any two classes of required BIOL 232, BIOL 233, BIOL 234 or CHEM 161, CHEM 162, CHEM 163 series (or equivalent)
grade for each class must be ≥C
Declaration Requirements for Pre-OT, and Pre-PT
must complete any two classes of required BIOL 232, BIOL 233, BIOL 234 or CHEM 161, CHEM 161L, CHEM 162, CHEM 161L, CHEM 163 series or PHYS 131, PHYS 132, PHYS 133 series (or equivalent)
grade for each class must be ≥B

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Program Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully earn a BS in Exercise Science from EWU should be able to:​

  • PLO-1:  Demonstrate proficiency in foundational knowledge of kinesiology;
  • PLO-2:  Assess general populations' physical fitness using standard exercise testing procedures;
  • PLO-3:  Apply principles of exercise management for persons with chronic disease;
  • PLO-4:  Develop a comprehensive wellness prescription based on client assessment;
  • PLO-5:  Evaluate the integrity of exercise science research publications;
  • PLO-6:  Conduct introductory-level statistical analyses;
  • PLO-7:  Demonstrate professional behaviors appropriate to the field of exercise science;
  • PLO-8 (EXSC):  Reflect on practical experiences relevant to career pursuits in the field of exercise science;
  • PLO-8 (Pre PT/OT/AT):  Reflect on practical observations relevant to career pursuits in the field of PT/OT/AT.