Public Health

Do you want to improve the health of your community? EWU Public Health students have been on the front lines of Covid-19 for over a year. Join us!

Your Career in Public Health…

Public Health focuses on broad community initiatives to promote health through efforts to help protect the population’s health status. At EWU, our interdisciplinary approach brings together many academic disciplines to promote a broad intellectual framework. Solving the challenges emerging in public health requires examining external influences such as the physical and social environment, as well as internal factors like personal behaviors and the genetic makeup that impacts the status of an individual’s health. These determinants of health define the role of public health in the healthcare delivery system. We strive to provide students with both the knowledge and skills to improve the public’s health and effectively integrate with healthcare delivery systems.

Why Study Public Health at EWU?

Learn the knowledge and skills you need to help improve the public's health.

Convenience for Working Professionals

Fully online accelerated graduate programs offer students flexible options to complete their MPH or Certificate in Public Health and advance in their public health careers.

Focus on Public
Health Leadership

Our unique programs are designed to help entry-level and early public health professionals become leaders in their profession.


Our accomplished faculty combine international experience with a passion for meeting the public health needs of local communities.

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