EdS School Psychology Students Receive Diversity Scholarship from State Association

WSASP Scholarship Winners (EdS School Psychology) Announced

Congratulations to Education Specialist (EdS) in School Psychology students Monica Garcia Ramirez and Maria Anguiano-rivera for receiving the Diversity Scholarship from the Washington State Association of School Psychologists (WSASP)! Four students statewide were recognized as recipients at the fall conference in October.  WSASP writes in their Diversity Scholarship description that they are “…aware of the need for a more aggressive approach to relieve financial pressures faced by students of diverse backgrounds pursuing careers in school psychology. The WSASP Diversity Scholarship Program was established to address this need in our state’s schools.”

On the impact of receiving the scholarship, both Monica and Maria shared their thoughts:

Monica: I find myself in a unique position as I am a first-generation immigrant, first generation student and a Mexican raised in the United States. I was brought to the United States by my parents at the age of 4. They emigrated here to accomplish el sueño Americano. The American dream that led to their first born successfully graduating with a bachelor’s in psychology nearly 20 years later and now working towards her Educational Specialist Certificate In School Psychology. It wasn’t easy navigating school as a first-generation student who had no idea about course planning or even financial support available. And now in this graduate journey it has been twice more difficult because no one else around me has gotten this far. I also have two little girls that depend on me and look up at me that keep me going. Due to my DACA status I have not been able to receive any financial support, so I been paying out of pocket for all my tuition and books. This scholarship will truly alleviate a financial burden on my little family. And despite all the difficulties I keep on dreaming because my dreams are not illegal. #DACA DREAMERS

Maria: I’m the oldest in my family, I have two younger brothers and they have become one of my biggest motivations in life. My parents have been such an immense support. I’m very grateful for this scholarship. To me, this scholarship reflects on me being “seen” finally for all my hard work and even just as a student. For as long as I can remember I had to figure out school on my own, from learning English when I was in elementary school to learning what college is in high school. Again, I am very grateful to have won this scholarship, words aren’t able to describe how much this means to me.

Thank you Dr. Briley Proctor, Assistant Professor in the School Psychology Program for sharing the good news!