Science Education


The Science Education programs at Eastern Washington University are for students who want to teach science in elementary, middle, and/or high schools. Our degrees provide a foundation in science content and science practices required to teach the Next Generation Science Standards.

There are multiple pathways to certification available at EWU including:

  • Bachelor of arts in education (BAE) degrees that lead to an endorsement
  • Minors that can be added to other education majors
  • A bachelor of science (BS) and master’s in teaching (MIT) pathway that can be completed in five years

Why Study Science Education at Eastern?

We are committed to excellence and student success.

Explore Through Research

Undergraduate have research opportunities in the sciences and science education.

Prepare to Teach

Teaching internships and paid teaching assistantships are available for additional teaching experience.

Small Class Sizes

Our small class sizes allow for more personalized guidance from faculty advisors.

What Are the Differences Between the Degrees?

The following four programs certify graduates to teach in grades 5-12 in courses within the discipline:

The Natural Science Education: Middle Level Science (BAE) program certifies graduates to teach in grades 4-9 in any science course.

The following minors can be added to other education programs to add a science teaching endorsement onto another endorsable program:

This can increase a graduate’s competitiveness in the job market. For example, a Biology: Secondary (BAE) student may add a Chemistry/Biochemistry: Secondary (Minor) to graduate with an endorsement in both biology and chemistry for grades 5-12.

The General Science (Add-On Endorsement) certifies graduates to teach in any science course in grades 5-12. This endorsement can only be added to an existing endorsable science program and is earned by completing the General Science NES (National Evaluation Series) exam. The minor is not required to take the exam, though the courses are recommended.

A Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master in Teaching (MIT) pathway certifies graduates to teach in their discipline across grades 5-12.

Career Benefits

What are the benefits of a Science Education career?

Financial Help

There are student loan forgiveness programs (up to $17,500) and Science Education scholarships to financially help you.

Competitive Pay

The starting salary in Spokane for BAE graduates is $49,541 and $57,257 for MIT graduates.

Income Opportunities

Coaching and other after-school/summer opportunities are available to increase your income.


You will have summer and other academic break off.


You will have the flexibility to teach almost anywhere in the United States or abroad.


There are good retirement and health care benefits for you.

Contact Us

For general questions, please contact Bo Idsardi at or 509.359.6512.
For degree-specific questions, please contact the faculty advisors below.

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Biology, General Science, Natural Science
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Earth & Space Science
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