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EWU in the High School is available for freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. There are no ACT score, SAT score, or GPA requirements. However, some EWU in the HS courses do require math or English placement testing, and some courses have prerequisites.

For more information about which EWU courses are offered at your high school and what the prerequisites are, talk to your counselor.

Tuition & Fees

EWU in the High School courses are free to all public school students, or $65 per credit for all private school students, for the 2023-2024 Academic Year. EWU pays for all placement testing and course fees. Depending on the course, you may need to buy a textbook. Download the Student Handbook for complete program information.

Getting Started


Frequently Asked Questions

EWU in the HS courses happen on the high school campus. High school instructors have been approved by college/university departments to teach the college course. Running Start takes place on the college campus or online and is taught by college or university professors that are employed by the college or university. Both options are actual college courses and will have grades transcribed on an official college/university transcript. The credits will transfer the same as traditional college credits.

Advanced Placement (AP) is credit by exam. Students may take an AP exam without taking an AP course. College credit is granted based on the score earned on the exam. Different universities have different AP Score policies for each exam and what type of credit will be granted. EWU in the HS students get college/university credit without having to take a specific exam.

Yes and no. We encourage students who are earning less than a C or 2.0 to drop the course so that you don’t risk academic probation once attending a college/university full-time. However, you can earn credit with a D or 0.7.

As many as fit in your schedule and allow you to graduate from high school on time! There may also be funding limitations depending on your situation and high school.

Yes! The credits you earn through EWU in the High school are official college credits and will appear on your official transcript as EWU credits.

EWU credits are highly transferable. Every college has their own policy regarding the way credits from other colleges are received and applied. That means credits earned as part of a College in the High School program might not transfer to every institution or might not be applied to your degree the same way at every institution. Check with the receiving institution to see how they will apply EWU credit.

Check our transfer guide to see how your credits might transfer to other colleges.


Talk with your high school instructor immediately to start the paperwork to be dropped from a course. You cannot be dropped after the last official day or once grades have been submitted. See registration dates & deadlines.

Please see guidelines and information on EWU’s COVID 19 Protocols and Procedures here.

Paying Your Bill (Private School Students Only)

There are two different ways that a student can pay their bill.

Online Using EagleNET

  1. Visit EagleNET.
    1. EagleNET – InsideEWU
    2. Select “Forgot Your Password”
    3. Select Activate Account
  2. Activate Account
    1. Name: First and Last Name
    2. Username: If you don’t know your Username, the student can email to ask what it is.
    3. EWUID Number (8 digit number starting with one zero).
    4. PIN: Student’s birthday in the following format: mmddyy.
  3. Set up the account following the prompts (keep birthday as PIN for ease of use).
  4. Choose “Student.”
  5. Choose “Student Account.”
  6. Choose “Pay My Bill.”
    1. Click on the Top Right “Pay Now”
    2. Select the Term and Click “Pay Now”
  7. You will be redirected to a website to pay bills
  8. Choose the term again, fill in the amount that you plan to pay, and select “Pay Now.”
  9. Follow prompts regarding payment information.

By Mail

  1. Make check payable to Eastern Washington University.
  2. Include the student’s 8-digit EWUID Number on Memo Line.
  3. Mail to the following:
    Eastern Washington University
    Student Financial Services
    202 Sutton Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004