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Good UX is largely about reducing the cognitive load of a user.

Highlighting a phone number issue.

A US phone number is usually written as “(509) 359-6200”. But a screen reader will read this as alarge number math equation. Sounding like “Five hundred nine (pause) three hundred fifty-nine minus six thousand two hundred.”

Example One:


Example Two:


Example Three:


Example Four:


In the second example, the screen reader will read “509.359.6200” as “five hundred nine (pause) three hundred fifty-nine (pause) six thousand two hundred.” At least it is no longer a math equation, but the numbers read as large singular numbers, not digits.

By adding spaces in the aria-label, this tells the screen reader to read each digit individually, and the period tells the screen reader to pause.

 <p><a href="tel:5093596200" aria-label="5 0 9. 3 5 9. 6 2 0 0.">509.359.6200</a></p>

Now the phone number will be read as “five zero nine (pause) three five nine (pause) six two zero zero.