First Phase of the Inferno Makeover Is Underway

May 22, 2020 By Leilah Langley
football field during renovation

Work is underway to replace the iconic red turf at Eastern Washington University’s football field. The original red turf, which reached its max lifespan of 10 years last season, requires replacement. Using the first installment of a generous $5 million pledge to the EWU Stadium Renovation Project, Eastern is able to complete the much-needed turf replacement over the summer.

Out with the Old

Crews this week removed the worn turf from the field by cutting it into strips and rolling it into sections and off the field. The turf is not headed for the trash, however. For many alumni, fans and community members, the first-ever red turf at EWU holds sentimental value, representing a turning point for Eastern Washington football—now a perennial powerhouse in the Big Sky and FCS football.

Some members of Eagle Nation have expressed interest in purchasing a piece of the nostalgic field. The university will place the old turf into storage until pieces can be made available for sale online later this summer. Proceeds will benefit the Stadium Renovation Project.

In with the New

The Inferno would hardly be complete without a new red turf—and that’s exactly what is on order. Following a five-day, online vote, Eastern Athletics announced the winning design for the new turf on Thursday. The university presented four options—all red of course—and held a “Your $, Your Vote” contest online. In addition to giving people a chance to pick the new design, each vote helped Eastern raise $9,336 for student-athlete scholarship support.

The winning field features a newly updated design and end zones that spell out “Eastern” on one side and “Eagles” on the other. Watch below as EWU Head Football Coach Aaron Best announces the winner.


Visit the Inferno Turf Designs website to see all of the designs and learn more about ways the Eagle Athletic Fund helps Eastern student-athletes. We also invite you to visit the Stadium Renovation Project website to stay up to date on exciting announcements and track the project.