Minor in Communication Studies


The Communication Studies minor will provide you with an introduction to concepts in communication and the social sciences. We accept up to 50 percent of student course work as transfer credits from speech and/or communication departments at other colleges.

Curriculum & Requirements

Curriculum & Requirements

Communication Studies Minor

The minor provides proficiency in communication concepts and skills fundamental to personal and professional interactions in all career endeavors.  Employers cite the ability to communicate with multiple and diverse stakeholders as essential for students entering the workplace.

Choose courses totaling at least 19 credits from CMST with at least one 5 credit course from the 400 level, excluding CMST 499.19
Total Credits19

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Sample Courses


This course is the study of the basic principles of public communication. This is a course in design, delivery, organization, and presentation of speeches for public groups with an emphasis on informative and persuasive speeches, message delivery, and presentation of visual aids.

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Notes: DESN 216 is recommended, but not required.
Pre-requisites: CMST 337.
This course is designed to help you learn the differences between various social media platforms. You will learn how to take advantage of the different platforms' strengths and get hands-on experience planning, creating and posting content tailored to each individual channel. This course covers well-established platforms as well as new and emerging services.

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CMST 400. MESSAGE DESIGN. 5 Credits.

An investigation of message construction for large, public audiences. Stress on invention, organization, and style. Includes speech writing and written message design.

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CMST 416. GENDER AND MEDIA. 5 Credits.

Cross-listed: GWSS 416.
Pre-requisites: junior standing.
This course examines some of the relationships between media in the U.S. and social constructions of gender and sexuality.

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Communication Electives

For a full list of the Communication elective courses offered, head over to the catalog.