Technical Communication

About Us

Technical Communication is a professional program designed to prepare you for a successful career as a technical writer for business, industry, or government, both regionally and nationally. We work with you to help you develop essential technical communication skills while building a foundation in graphic design, public relations, and marketing.

Why Study Technical Communication at Eastern?

We are committed to excellence and student success.

Get Hands-On Experience

You'll work with your peers to create documents used by a wide range of audiences.

Develop Your Skills

Our coursework will help you learn to gather, understand, synthesize and organize technical information.

Excellent Job Opportunities

Our graduates have a great record of finding employment soon after graduation.

Careers in Technical Communication

Earning a degree or minor in technical communication from Eastern Washington University leads to many career opportunities:

Technical Writer

Help people, organizations, or teams create and share information that is accurate, useful, and clear through various types of documents such as instructions, proposals, websites, etc., often using specialized software and digital technologies.

Technical Editor

Jobs include revising, editing, and proofreading both digital and printed materials that are focused on technical subjects or that involve technology. Common subject areas include computer science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, government, education, and business.

Content Developer

Create and manage information for web pages and online marketing. Jobs include developing and editing ad copy, blogs, articles, and social media posts.

Information Architect

Work in designing shared information environments such as online communities, software, internal company resources, database development, etc.

Public Relations Specialist

Work with individuals, groups, or organizations to create and maintain a positive public image. Develop social media programs, craft media releases, and work to shape public perception of clients.

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