Department of English & Philosophy


The Department of English and Philosophy at Eastern Washington University is dedicated to student success through programs designed to develop skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and cultural understanding.

Each of our programs gives students the opportunity to strengthen writing skills and develop a background in critical analysis, the structure of language, and literary history. All of our undergraduate programs lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Whichever program you choose, you will have the opportunity to work with knowledgeable faculty, receive hands-on experience, and collaborate with a supportive community of fellow students. These opportunities will prepare you for successful future careers or graduate studies in a variety of fields.

Why Study at Eastern?

We are Teachers First

Students are at the heart of everything our educators do. EWU educators are student-focused and dedicated to each student’s unique contributions, individual successes, and ongoing accomplishments.

Career Preparedness

Each of our programs provides opportunities to experience meaningful internships that will help you become a more competitive and knowledgeable candidate for future employment.


We are community-focused and here to help you build connection with classmates, faculty, our Eastern Washington region, and the world around you.

We are Lifelong Learners

Our faculty are active writers and scholars and continually practice and challenge ideas, theories, and methodologies in our various fields.

Find Your Direction

We recognize and value the unique talents and life journeys our students bring to their studies and we offer courses dedicated to helping you explore your interests, passions, and goals.

Contact English & Philosophy

Terrance MacMullan, PhD

Chair of English and Philosophy
Photo of Terrance MacMullan, PhD

Pronouns: he/him

Se Habla Español

Kerri Boyd

Program Coordinator
Patterson Hall 229I

Gregory Spatz

Creative Writing Program Director
Photo of Gregory Spatz
Catalyst Room #443

Sean Agriss, PhD

Secondary English Education Program Director
Photo of Sean Agriss, PhD
Patterson Hall 211T

Garrett Kenney, PhD

Humanities and Religious Studies Program Director
Photo of Garrett Kenney, PhD
Patterson Hall 229G

Kate Crane, PhD

English Studies and Composition Program Director
Photo of Kate Crane, PhD
Patterson Hall 211N

Tracey McHenry, PhD

Faculty Advisor for Linguistics
Photo of Tracey McHenry, PhD
Patterson Hall 203Q

Teena Carnegie, PhD

Technical Communication Program Director
Photo of Teena Carnegie, PhD
Patterson Hall 211C