English Studies


Our English studies offerings are part of a liberal arts program. Our bachelor’s degree is often recommended as a pre-professional program and is the most appropriate concentration for you if you are hoping to pursue the study of language and literature at the doctoral level.

Many students pursue this concentration for personal enrichment or in preparation for other types of careers or professional schools.

English studies majors are generally successful wherever verbal and analytical skills are important.

MinorBachelor’s DegreeMaster’s Degree Media Writing (Certificate)

Why Take English Studies at Eastern?

We are committed to excellence and student success.

Develop Your Skills

You'll hone your verbal, analytical and writing skills as you write about different literary texts.

Communicate with Eloquence

As you progress through the program, you'll cultivate an awareness of words and expressions.

Increase Your Understanding

Our courses will expand your understanding of writers, literary periods, cultural beliefs and historical events.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use rhetoric effectively to promote change and awareness through the writing of purpose-filled texts
  • An understanding of enduring literary works and how they relate to current world concerns
  • Numerous writing styles and techniques applicable across multiple mediums and platforms
  • How to collaborate successfully with peers to accomplish classroom and community goals
  • Superior communication skills in both written and verbal communication formats
We offer opportunities to explore career-applicable writing and communication skills, accompanied by theory that will enhance your thinking and expand your worldview.

Careers for English Studies Majors

Earning a degree in literary studies from Eastern Washington University leads to many career opportunities where strong thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills are in demand.







Prepare You for Your Future Goals

English Studies at Eastern Washington University enriches and prepares students with the theory and practice to successfully communicate and collaborate in any team and workplace environment, to efficiently and effectively produce credible research-based documents, and to persuasively speak gauging the needs of various audiences.

This degree prepares students for graduate study in Law, Library Science, and other professional degrees. Check out our MA in English: Literature & Writing Emphasis degree option.

These degree options are also an excellent choice for a pre-professional liberal arts program of study or for preparation for those wishing to pursue the study of language and literature at the doctoral level.

English Studies majors’ strong critical thinking skills enable them to be influential members of teams where decisions are made and problem-solving is a requirement of the job.

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