English Placement

English Placement

The English placement criteria are for new, current or transferring students who have not taken college-level English courses.

If you have a SAT, ACT, DuoLingo English Test, TOEFL, IELTS test score, you can be placed without making an appointment with your advisor.

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If you DO NOT have these test scores you will need to make an appointment with your advisor.

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Placement Options Based on Test Score

SAT (Reading and Writing Score)ACT ScoreAP (English Language and Composition)Course Placement
479 and below14 and belowN/AENGL 113+114*
480 to 64015-27N/A ENGL 101
650 and above28 and above3 or above
(earns ENGL 101 credit)
ENGL 201
*Students who previously would have been placed in the Pathways Program (because of GPA and/or test scores) should be enrolled directly into 113/114.

Placement Options without a Test Score

Students who do not have a SAT, ACT , TOEFL or IELTS test score need to make an appointment with their advisor, the below chart is a guideline but actual placement will be determined by the advisor.

Students can still place directly into ENGL 101 if they meet one of the conditions noted below.

H.S. GPABridge to EnglishSmarter Balanced EnglishCourse Placement
Earned a cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher Completed w/ “B” or betterScore of 3 or 4ENGL 101
N/A or conditions not metN/A or conditions not metN/A or conditions not met113/114
OR Guided Self-Placement

Placement Options for International Students

These placement scores are for students from countries that do not predominately speak English.

DuoLingoTOEFL iBTIELTS AcademicCourse Placement
100-10571-796.0ENGL 113+114*
110 or over80 or above6.5 ENGL 101
*Completion of the English Language Institute program or placement by an International Student Advisor are also acceptable placements into ENGL 113+114.