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For general questions relating to the Department of English and Philosophy, please contact:

Kerri Boyd
Program Coordinator
E: klboyd@ewu.edu

Terrance MacMullan
Department Chair


Faculty & Staff

Terrance MacMullan

Department Chair, Professor
Photo of Terrance MacMullan

Pronouns: he / him

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Kerri Boyd

Program Coordinator
English and Philosophy Department
Patterson Hall 229I

Sean W. Agriss

Associate Professor, Director of Secondary English Education Program
Photo of Sean W. Agriss
Patterson Hall 211T

Matthew Binney

Photo of Matthew Binney
Patterson Hall 203L

Lynn C. Briggs

Professor, Director of Writers' Center
Photo of Lynn C. Briggs
Patterson 211P

Polly Buckingham

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Polly Buckingham
Patterson Hall 203N

Teena A. M. Carnegie

Professor, Director of Technical Communication (BA) Program
Photo of Teena A. M. Carnegie
Patterson Hall 211C

Kate Crane

Associate Professor, Director of English Studies and Composition Program
Photo of Kate Crane
Patterson Hall 211N

Logan Greene

Photo of Logan Greene
Patterson Hall 229H

Reagan Nail

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Reagan Nail
Patterson Hall 203I

Max Hohner

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Max Hohner
Patterson Hall 211J

Jonathan Johnson

Photo of Jonathan Johnson
Catalyst Room #444

Garrett Kenney

Professor, Director of Humanities and Religious Studies Program
Photo of Garrett Kenney
Patterson Hall 229G

Natalie Kusz

Associate Professor, Director of Writers in the Community
Photo of Natalie Kusz
Catalyst Room #435

Samuel Ligon

Photo of Samuel Ligon
Catalyst Room #437

Paul Lindholdt

Photo of Paul Lindholdt
Patterson Hall 203J

Tracey McHenry

Photo of Tracey McHenry
Patterson Hall 211Q

LaVona L. Reeves

Photo of LaVona L. Reeves
Patterson Hall 203H

Elizabeth Rognes

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Elizabeth Rognes
Patterson Hall 203K

Kathy Rowley

Senior Lecturer
Photo of Kathy Rowley
Patterson Hall 211O

Gregory Spatz

Professor, Director of Creative Writing Program
Photo of Gregory Spatz
Catalyst Room #443

Rachel Toor

Photo of Rachel Toor
Catalyst Room #436

Beth E. Torgerson

Professor, Director for MA in Literature and Writing Program
Photo of Beth E. Torgerson
Patterson Hall 211R

Christina A. Valeo

Photo of Christina A. Valeo
Patterson Hall 203P

Emeritus Faculty

Thank you for your years of dedicated service to our academic community!

Stephen Blewett

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Stephen Blewett

Dana C. Elder

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Dana C. Elder

Anthony Flinn

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Anthony Flinn

Christopher Howell

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Christopher Howell

Jamie Tobias Neely

Professor Emerita
Photo of Jamie Tobias Neely

Grant Smith

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Grant Smith

Bill Stimson

Professor Emeritus
Photo of Bill Stimson

In Memoriam

Philip Weller

Photo of Philip Weller

Henry-York “Hank” Steiner

Photo of Henry-York “Hank” Steiner